What’s Really Inside a Cup of Coffee?

What's inside your cup of coffee?

Although coffee accounts for only 2% of your cuppa Joe, it is quite a complex compound. Take a look at the video below to see what interesting (and frightening?) chemicals are in your cup.

  • no not my coffee!

    I would just like to say I won’t watch! I’m not ready yet. I can handle just about anything. But you can’t expose the masque that my coffee may wear. I can’t except it right now.

  • http://hayleeatkinson.blogspot.com/ Haylee

    Is this video saying that coffee is bad for you in general or is it just talking about typical conventional and highly-processed coffee that we find in most grocery stores? I’m curious because I don’t even drink coffee, it’s against my religion but I’ve never heard of anyone outside of leaders in my church saying that it is bad for you. So naturally this is fascinating to me, but I want to make sure I’m not misunderstanding the point.

    • mzmexa

      Where’s the video?

      • http://hayleeatkinson.blogspot.com/ Haylee

        I’m just talking about the one above that’s posted in the blog post. Is that what you mean?