What 200 Calories Look Like

What 200 calories look like

Here’s an interesting 3 minute video from Wired Magazine. It provides a good visualization of what you get for 200 calories spent. The more nutritious foods are bulky and will fill you up better than some of the less healthy choices.

So the next time you seek a “low calorie” snack, try to think of a “nutrient high” snack instead.

  • Carol

    Great video to use with my classes, except schools don’t like us to encourage drinking alcoholic beverages.

    • Art Mitchell

      Seems like they need a child friendly version… although in much of the world, beer and wine are considered foods.

    • too funny

      Hmm they frown upon that do they? Lol

  • Mer

    The video doesn’t show up.

  • Cora

    Decent video — except for the “healthy fats” in whole milk.

  • Jessica

    Great video! I thought food was measured in kilocalories ? I thought they just shortened kilocalories to Calories to simplify it.