Fooducate Success Story: I lost 65 Pounds Eating Real Food!

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We were recently introduced by a mutual friend to D.B., a lawyer who will be turning 34 this summer, who has been overweight most of his adult life. Our mutual friend saw DB last week after a long time and was shocked to see that he had lost 65 pounds and had gone down 10 pant sizes.

When we asked DB for his secret, the answer was Fooducate.

We got in touch with DB to learn more.

Fooducate: Tell us about yourself
DB: I’m a big guy. Six foot four, and since about mid way through college, have been overweight. I weighed around 270 starting in my early twenties, went down to 255 for my wedding a few years ago, but by last summer I was up to a record 292.

Fooducate: What happened?
DB: Last Spring, we got pregnant, and I realized I had a new responsibility in my life. I didn’t want my daughter to have to look after a sick dad in a decade or two. I also want to be there for her and my family for as many of life’s moments as possible.

Fooducate: What did you do?
DB: I spoke with my doctor and he suggested adding more protein and fiber to my diet, as well as breaking my 3 daily meals into 5 or 6. I started researching online on WebMD, and at some point discovered the Fooducate app and website. The first thing I realized is that much of what I was eating was bad for me.

Fooducate: For example?
DB: Take Nutrigrain Bars. I thought of them as a healthy snack and would eat sometimes 2 or 3 a day. Now I know just how full of chemicals and additives they are. I started using the Fooducate app religiously in the supermarket, and my shopping cart changed dramatically as a result. I remember the first time using it in the supermarket, it took me two hours to complete my shopping trip!

Fooducate: What other changes did you make?
DB: My wife and I went cold turkey on soft drinks. We used to be big fans of Diet Coke and would buy an entire shopping cart’s worth when they were on sale. After reading about the potential dangers, we simply switched to water. Overnight.

Fooducate: How has your weight loss progressed?
DB: My first goal was to lose 45 pounds. I got down to 245 late this past winter, when my daughter was born. In the 5 months since, I’ve lost 18 more, and now am at 227, just two more pounds to my second goal, 225. Ultimately, I’d like to get down to 210-215. As I’ve been shrinking, I have donated my plus sized pants and shirts, and it feels great.

Fooducate: You must be exercising a lot as well, right?
DB: Actually, no. I do work out twice a week for 45 minutes – zumba and jogging – and I try to walk as much as possible, but I think most of the weight loss can be attributed to the change in my eating habits.

Fooducate: What are you eating more of these days?
DB: I’ve always liked fruits and vegetables, but now I’m eating considerably more of them than I ever had in the past.

Fooducate: Any words of inspiration to our readers?
DB: The toughest step is the first step; once you get going, stick with it and you will get there.  It will take time.  Set realistic mini-goals and celebrate the accomplishments along the way.

Fooducate: Thanks DB, and good luck!

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  • James Cooper

    “full of chemicals” is just a slogan. It has nothing to do with nutrition or weight loss. Everything is made of chemicals. And there is no evidence that diet Coke is in any way harmful or involved in weight gain. If you have evidence for these assertions, it should be in the article.

  • focus on positive not negative

    This is an interview not an article. Its one mans perception. Why should he provide anything but his testimony? Which is personal to him. And there are plenty of studies about the chemicals in food. Maybe you should look those up yourself. As for me? Way to go DB ! Losing 65 is quite a feat. You’re an inspiration to many.

  • whatdahec

    Definitely Inspired me to keep going. I was trying weight loss coffee and it did not work for me. Even when I bought healthier foods. Now I know what I should do and stick with it.

  • Bill

    Thanks for posting this. Many people never get serious about losing weight because they believe doing so is too difficult or will require that their quality of life decrease. Testimonials like this need to be more widely known.

  • Robert

    I love this story. I have a similar story.

  • Laura

    I too can say that Fooducate definitely contributed to my health transformation! Towards the end of my undergrad years I started to pay more attention to what I was eating and my overall health. Fooducate helped educate me on how to make better food choices and helped me lose 15 pounds and I am so thankful for that. I would have never been able to accomplish some of the weight loss goals I had without you! Now, I’m working on my Master’s in Public Health and will one day be working to educate the community on how to live healthier, disease-free lives. Thank you Fooducate, I will definitely pay it forward! :)

  • H2O

    Great job it’s Amazing what results we get from eating the foods God put on this earth instead of science products. Our bodies can’t processes all the junk.