3 Good Non-GMO Developments this Week

chicken eating soybean meal

Is it us, or is there an acceleration of events pointing to the inevitable labeling of GMO food on a national level?

1. This week, Chipotle has added GMO status to it product information. When you look at the list of menu items Chipotle offers, quite a few are marked “G” for GMO. That’s because they use soybean oil, for example. Most of the soybeans in the US are genetically modified.

So why would Chipotle be so forthcoming?

Because they realize that we consumers prefer transparency and honest disclosure over obfuscation (see for example our recent review of Van’s Natural Foods’ behavior). And Chipotle is working hard to replace its GMO ingredients with non-GMO alternatives. It’s not always easy to do from a sourcing perspective.

2. In other good news, the USDA has acknowledged and allowed producers of meat and liquid egg products to add a label stating that the animals were raised on a non-GMO diet.

3. Lastly, the New Jersey state assembly passed a bill that would require GMO labeling on all food products sold in the state.

These actions show that there is growing consumer demand for non GMO products, and that food companies are acknowledging and adapting their products. This means more farmers will be incentivized to grow non-GMO crops.

If you can’t wait for GMO labeling one minute longer, don’t forget to use the free Fooducate app for iPhone/Android to let you know if your food has GMOs or not.

  • Danielle Park

    Small victories but I’ll take them!

    • vroomvsr

      While I think customers have a right to know if their food is GMO or not GMO food isn’t actually all that bad.

  • small steps

    Gotta start somewhere

  • Vanessa

    Or Chipotle just wants to see if labelling something GMO will make any difference.

    • jimbo8118

      how rude and nasty that comment is. Is your life that bad? this company is trying to do something good.. and you trash them.. sorry you have to live this kind of negativity.. try being positive and look forward to your day. hugs

    • kfay

      Go to Chipotle’s website and read what they have to say, especially regarding their GMO and organic products. They really are doing an amazing job. I hope more businesses go in this direction soon.

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  • Betty LaRue

    The Chipotle sites nearest me have been trying, I think, to use responsible choices where they can. It appears that way. I look to them to support labeling.

  • kfay

    That link about New Jersey requires you to start a free trial to read the entire article. I can’t find anything about this on any other site. Does the “state assembly passed a bill” mean it hasn’t officially become a law yet??