An Oat Powered Smoothie???

oatworks 3 flavors

We recently got pitched by Oat Works, a company making an “oat powered” smoothie:

Recognizing the dilemma for busy consumers who want to start their day with a bowl of nutrient-rich oatmeal, but lack the time to prepare it, Oatworks has introduced a natural smoothie combining the power of oats with 100 per cent real fruit juice in a convenient, easy-to-enjoy format.

Here’s what their banana strawberry drink claims:

This classic blend of flavors marries potassium-rich bananas with sweet and juicy strawberries, an excellent source of vitamin C and flavonoids. This one-two punch provides the perfect balance of taste and nutrition with the power of oats to fuel your busy day.

What you need to know:

OK, we’ve read the PR, now let’s talk nutrition. While it’s true that strawberries are a great source of vitamin C, the 10 ounce bottle of Oatworks provide less than 10% of the daily recommendation for vitamin C. Just 2 small strawberries have more vitamin C!

oatworks nutrients

On the other hand, this drink has 32 grams of sugar, the equivalent of 8 teaspoons of sugar! And what about fiber? A measly 2 grams of fiber in this drink, compared to 4 grams you would get from a single serving of oatmeal eaten for breakfast.

Looking at the ingredient list, you realize that this is simply a fruit drink with a twist created to differentiate. The sugars are all from the fruit, which is nice, but remember that when you see a puree, you are getting just the sugar of the fruit, but giving up many of the other health benefits that are lost once it’s not in its original form factor.

oatworks ingredients

Bottom line: This could be a tasty fruit drink. Enjoy it once in a while, but don’t let the absurd health claims about oats fool you. If you really want to get the benefit of oats – have oatmeal. Top it with real strawberries. It will wipe out an entire 5 minutes off of your busy day.

Do you have recipes that include oats? Please share…

  • anna

    I made a fruit smoothie yesterday and for the first time added oatmeal. The blender chopped it up very nicely and the size & texture was consistent with the seeds from the fruit. Ingredients were Kefir, greek yogurt, fruit & oatmeal.

  • Catherine

    I just love the fact that companies still pitch to you with their real estate sales style PR talk and don’t expect to get a shellacking for it. Do you use that term here in the US? Maybe it is just an Australian saying but you totally should…