Washington DC is ruining our health – but we can reclaim it

I’m speaking next week in New York City at the State of Now Conference. The topic this year is Exploring the State of Health, Wellness, Fitness and Food. You can sign up to participate here.

My ten minute talk will point out how the government’s involvement in our health from a food perspective. Not only is the government not helping, it’s actually doing damage.

The talk is on Tuesday June 19, at 2:30pm at the 92nd street Y. I’ve embedded my draft deck above. It has the main points I’m going to cover:

  • Introduction to America’s food / health problem
  • The role of government in health policy
  • Examples of bad involvement – Congress, USDA, FDA
  • The reasons – lobbying by industry
  • How to fight back using technology

I’d love your feedback and suggestions. Thanks!

Washington DC is Ruining Our Health

  • A. Keller

    Great slide deck. I won’t be in NY but you should have someone vid your talk and post it for us. My familiy is new to this lifestyle and one statement that really helps motivate us is that we vote every time we spend money on food … i think Food Inc. documentary at the end says ”’ you can vote 3 times a day “” (= the three meals you eat)…good luck!

  • truthy

    Washington DC is not ruining our health corporate America is and your use of that phrase is misleading and promotes a false belief as it pertains to our government.

    • http://blog.ianbeyer.com Ian B

      The government is complicit in the fraud.

    • http://www.fooducate.com/ Fooducate

      One could argue that corporate America is doing what is should be: making money. The government isn’t doing what it should be: regulating corporate America to protect the public.

    • Anciano

      I respectfully disagree. Corporate America is using government to ruin people’s health. The USDA issues dietary guidelines based on what bit agra wants. For example, we have weight guidelines that say a BMI of 25 is WNL when all the research strongly suggest it should be 22. The USDA suggests we should consume dairy products daily even though human calcium uptake from them is inefficient (you can get plenty of calcium from greens). When the USDA originally endorsed the promotion of “Meatless Monday” big ag forced them to withdraw their support. The entire food industry is indeed complicit, but their prostitutes in Congress are criminally irresponsible.

    • Brian Klein

      The nutritional guidelines espoused by our government are what is causing the obesity epidemic, and the diseases that come along with it. The stance on meatless Mondays has nothing to do with anything. It’s their policies on GMO’s, best practices for raising livestock, our dependence on grains for food, ingredients that are allowed in our food… You can go on and on about the policies our government has allowed, and these are the reasons why we are sick.

  • BrianNZ

    Are you wanting feedback on your slides here or via another means? Am very happy to provide my two-cent’s worth. :)

    • http://www.fooducate.com/ Fooducate

      Thanks BrianNZ!
      4 – agreed
      5 – an example of bad choices made easy when on the road
      9 – no matter, the difference vs soda is startling
      20 – calorie labeling perhaps. 2013 is only half done…

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