Three Concerns Rising From Oregon’s GMO Wheat

Oregon Wheat Contaminated with GMO

Twelve years ago, several Oregon farms were a test site for genetically modified wheat created by Monsanto. The testing lasted until 2004, the last year the manufacturer was given permission for testing.

That’s why it came as quite a shock when a farmer recently discovered that some of the wheat growing on his land is contaminated with GMO strains that were supposed to have been eliminated 9 years ago.

Why is this bad news?

  1. Because GMO strains can potentially get out of control and contaminate conventional varietals to the point of extinction. Imagine a world where only one type of corn exists and only one company owns the patents to its seeds. That’s too much power for one company, even one as “benevolent” as Monsanto.
  2. Because with a single “super GMO corn” variety out there, all is fine and dandy until one day, an evolved “super pest” starts killing off ALL the corn in the world within one growing season. Variety is crucial for the survival of a species; GMOs are a big threat to an already monocultured farming industry. Monsanto claims that cross contamination is virtually impossible. Well, the impossible just happened.
  3. Because we’re killing off our agricultural export industry. The US exports 50% of its $20 Billion in wheat produced every year. But last week, Japan notified the US it will not be purchasing wheat from us. Other countries are contemplating the same. What do they fear in GMO that the US does not?

Shameless plug: Use Fooducate’s free iPhone / Android app to discover GMOs lurking in your groceries.

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  • SuperMOM101

    After I had cancer at age 37 (thankfully that was over 12 years ago) I avoid America’s highly processed, genetically engineered, factory farmed, chemically designed, artfiically flavored, “natural” antibiotic, steroid and arsenic feed food supply. (And I thought I was eating healthy!)

    Here’s a great website: if you’re looking to keep GMO products out of your shopping carts.

    Plus, fooducate is always a great resource too.

    Best health always!

  • TrekManOne

    You can thank Congress for passing the law 10 years ago allowing seeds, that are GMO’d, to be patented. Monsanto took off after that. Guess who was on Congress who passed the bill… all ex-food industry people. You have no idea how many farmers have been bankrupted by Monsanto after that Congress bill. Our own government sold us “we the people” out for a couple of votes and lobbying money.