Who Snacks More, Men or Women?

Man and woman sharing an apple

photo: mensscience.com

The answer – women. On average, women snack 3.1 times a day, with men only 2.7. That works out to 3 more snacks per week for the ladies. This information was collected by the NPD group, a consumer insight company.

Additional interesting findings:

  • Women, more than men, look for nutrients when snacking, but don’t want to give up the satisfaction of a craving.
  • The top 5 snacks are fresh fruit (Yay!), chocolate, potato chips, cookies, and yogurt.
  • A person’s mood and situation has more influence on snack choice than gender, age, or time of day.
  • NPD’s recommendation to snack manufacturers – focus on nutrition, it’s a bug opportunity. We agree, but the focus should be on making products that are nutritious, not health claims that are outrageous.

Who snacks more in your family – the guys or the gals?