How Mom Shaped My Healthy Eating Habits

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Happy Mother’s Day to all!

None of us would be where we are without our moms. For good, and sometime bad. We asked our community to share a story relating to food:

“How did your mom shape your healthy eating habits?”

We got some great replies. Some were quite surprising. Here’s a sampling:

“My mom always told us – the whiter the bread, the sooner you’re dead.”

- Elizabeth

Everyday after school my Mother would have cut up fruit waiting on the kitchen table for me to snack on while doing my homework!


“By eating crap her whole life.. She passed away young and sickly. It is a constant reminder for me to eat healthy!” 


“Mom cooked meals and very little came from a prepared box. Dad had a huge garden from which items were canned or frozen…Grandpa had a farm and our milk was raw milk, each Fall he would butcher two cows and two pigs which were split between my home and my Aunts and Uncles and himself… Mom had a huge variety of items to work with in preparing out meals.”


“She didn’t, she became a diabetic and had other health issues that sent me to study nutrition and physical education. May she RIP. I take care of myself for my children and I.” 

- Tamara

“My mom was a single (no alimony or child support) working mother of 5 kids in the 60′s-80′s. We ate A LOT of prepackaged foods. However she REFUSED to buy canned veggies and bought frozen when fresh was not available. When we were living in a really impoverished neighborhood she started a strike against the local Safeway because the produce was always old and spoiled. The strikers had to take the city bus 5 miles to the next nearest grocery store. The strikers won and Safeway started carrying fresh produce and I learned the importance of fresh produce.”


“Growing up, mom wouldn’t buy any cereal that had sugar as one of the first 3 ingredients. When I got to college, they had a HUGE dispenser filled with Cap’n Crunch and I went nuts eating it every morning. My “freshman 10″ was more like 20. It took me a long time to realize why the sugar was so bad but now I get it.”


“You won’t want to use mine.  My mother had me on diets since I was about 12, counting calories, eating fat free garbage. Totally messed up my relationship with food.”


“My mom cooked our meals. Most was from scratch. We rarely ate out. She passed on her love of cooking.”


“We had a garden growing up and my mom used to let us eat the veggies right off the plants.”


  • PieHoleBlogger

    These are beautiful stories!

    My mum always cooked from scratch and used a combo of mostly fresh, sometimes frozen and occasionally canned veggies. We rarely had ‘restricted’ foods but we were never fat. We are out once a week and it was always a family affair that we looked forward to. If we got dessert we would share it. I thank my mum for imparting such a healthy lifestyle and the idea of moderation on us.

  • Tyler

    We used to buy veggies every evening. My mom used to cook food using freshly bought vegetables and fruits, and we hardly ate leftover food. She would prepare breakfast, usually porridge, or flatbread with cooked vegetables and a glass of milk every single day. During winter nights, we’d have hot clarified butter with spring onions, garlic, spices and thick millet flatbreads. Wheat was bought in big sacks and stored and milled when needed. She’d tell us to not eat any street food and that she’d prepare it at home if we wished. Packaged and canned foods were considered novelties.
    All that changed when I landed in the US. The convenience of packaged, canned, pre-cooked food was too enticing, and after 8 years of eating that food, I ended up with high blood pressure and the worst blood-work of my life. That’s when I started heeding my mom’s advice. Now I cook my own meals using traditional methods of my country and I’ve never felt better. Thanks mom for being there when I needed you the most!