6 Things to Know About the Fats in Avocado

photo: SF Gate

Happy Cinco de Mayo folks!

After Super Bowl, today is one of the big consumption days for avocado in the US. We’re big fans of this awesome fruit, and have shared several recipes with you in the past. There’s no shortage of recipes online, so we won’t get into that today.

One of the questions we get from many of our community members is regarding the high fat content of avocados. Yes, it’s true, avocados are high in fat!  But it is good fat. Here are some things you should know:

  1. A medium sized Haas avocado weighs between 4-5 ounces. An avocado serving is considered 1 ounce, so you’ll get about 4 servings from a single avocado.
  2. A 1 ounce serving of avocado contains 4.5 grams of fat, 2.5 grams of carbs of which 2 are fiber, and less than 1 gram of protein.
  3. 75%-80% of the calories in avocados come from fat. An avocado serving is about 50 calories. The fats are about 40 of those calories. If you eat a half avocado – double those numbers.
  4. Here’s the important thing to know about fat in avocado – of the 4.5 grams, only half a gram is saturated fat. The rest are “heart healthy” fats – 3 grams of monounsaturated fats, and the rest polyunsaturated. More about fat types here.
  5. When thinking about your intake of fats, the daily recommended amounts are 65 grams of fat, of which no more than 20 grams are saturated. That would be about 3 whole avocados.
  6. Ounce per ounce: Avocado has 4.5g of fat, salmon 2g, chicken breast 1g, lean beef steak 2g, almonds 14g.
  7. Ounce per ounce: Avocado has 0.5g of saturated fat, salmon 0.25g, chicken breast 0.3g, lean beef steak 0.8g, almonds 1g.

Bottom line: Fear not the fats in avocados.

  • http://www.facebook.com/richard.parker.507 Richard Parker

    Who eats 1/4 an avocado? One serving should be one whole avocado.

    • http://www.fooducate.com/ Fooducate


      • BrianN

        I’m a 1/2-avo-per-sandwich-for-my-wife-and-me kinda guy. :)

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  • http://gigieatscelebrities.com/ GiGi Eats Celebrities

    YAY for healthy fat! :D

  • Karl

    hi there I really like this post, very informative and interesting, I personally love avo, goes good with almost anything, thanks for sharing.

  • Anonymous

    Saturated fats aren’t necessary bad. What is bad are carbs and heated unsaturated fats.

    • Bloop

      Carbs are good for you… You need more carbs then anything. If you look into a plant based diet you would get much info on that. Also you will see most/all people who consume plant based are lean and fit and diet consists of 60-80% carbs and less saturated fat then animal based diet. Saturated fat is bad, sorry.

  • BluePotion

    ugh. That means I have to save the 2nd half. blah.

  • ron wilson

    avocados will certainly put more weight on you.

    • Patrick

      Actually if they are the only intake of fat you eat they will help you lose weight due to my experience eating three a day and my weight is 140 lbs.

      • Bloop

        I agree with you except for avacados being the only intake of fat. There are other healthy fat foods out there. The key is to watch your saturated fat intake (that fat will stick to you and the more the worse). If you rather not bother paying attention to numbers and what has sat fat or doesn’t, easy way to do so is by simply going plant based/vegan. You won’t need to pay attention to anything you eat. Eat as much you want and lose weight. Only thing that you’d have to pay attention is you getting enough calories which is so easy to do… Pig out! That’s what I do and I’m fit and thin. Oh and listen to your body, give it what it craves.. But only if your on a vegan diet. You do that on another diet and your screwed. GO VEGAN! :)