Trend Alert – Pea Protein

Yellow Split Peas

America’s insatiable appetite for more protein has led to various innovations over the last few years. Milk protein concentrate and  Soy protein isolate are some examples. But now, a new source for plant based protein is working its way into the public’s mind share – pea protein.

The protein is derived from yellow split peas, in a process that removes the carbs and leaves just the protein intact. For people who prefer non-GMO sources of protein, peas are a good alternative to soy protein (Almost all soy in the US is genetically modified). Peas are also less likely to trigger allergic reactions compared to soy.

Larabar recently launched a new line of bars, ALT – with extra protein, and the company selected pea protein instead of going the standard soy route. Expect more companies to do the same in the coming months and years.

In the meantime, please keep in mind that the whole food is usually a better option than its processed offspring. This is true for milk vs. milk protein concentrate, and is certainly true for peas vs pea protein.