Taco Bell: By 2020 Some of Our Food Will Be Healthier

Taco Bell

One of the most shamelessly used marketing tricks by companies is creating massive PR for improvements in their products – improvements that will happen sometime in the future, not now. Such is the case with Taco Bell, whose CEO recently announced steps that will be implemented by the time Honey Boo-Boo enters high school:

“Our customer tastes and needs are evolving,” says Greg Creed, CEO at Taco Bell. “They want more balanced options.”

That Taco Bell is acknowledging it needs to improve the nutritional value of its offering is great news. The plan includes offering healthy options that are lower in calories, fats, and sodium and that would qualify for one-third of U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans Recommended Daily Intake values. Whatever that means.

Taco Bell has also disclosed that it has quietly removed 20% of the sodium from its foods in the last few years. This in itself is news-worthy.

So why wait til 2020 until making those changes? We highly doubt it takes that long to reformulate and taste products. By the time the next president will be seeking re-election, will anyone even remember that way back in 2013 Taco Bell earned PR points by promising us healthier burritos? It’s more honest to release news once you’ve actually made it, not beforehand.

Perhaps the timing of Taco Bell’s announcement had something to do with negative PR it received earlier this year due to the European horse meat scandal it was involved with.

  • The Candid RD

    Yeah, i thought this was a little lame. That’s 7 years from now….what?! Pathetic. Although I will say, pintos and cheese. I love em’

  • Jensen_G

    I like taco bell better than many of the other fast food joints because most of their menu items are smaller than the huge burgers you see at other places, so it is easier to just get what you need to be filled but not overeat. Just my 2 cents if we are comparing them to other fast food companies.

    • http://www.fooducate.com/ Fooducate

      Good point.

  • Ethan Parker

    Taco bell is the best in town. I just love their foods! But at this moment I am a bit scared because I am using this product http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7dGAbUhFMQ and I afraid I can continue eating foods like before!?!

  • Brianne

    I cannot find a like for taco bell. And there recent announcement that they will be labeling there obscure sources of meat as protein now has solidified the idea that I am very unlikely to ever eat there again. Its been years already . They certainly won’t lure me in with unidentifiable mystery meat .