Which of These Two Candy Bars is Healthier?

Healthy Candy Bar Experiment

Take a look at the candy bars above. They are identical except for one small detail in their packaging. The front of pack calorie label is red on one wrapper, green on the other. Obviously there is no difference.

But in a study conducted on close to 100 students at Cornell University, in which they were shown just one of the wrappers, students tended to think that the green labeled candy bar was healthier than the red labeled one. Just another little marketing trick that will no doubt increase sales by a few millions of dollars…

By the way, the current packaging for Twix candy bar is below. Did you notice the color of the calorie information on the bottom left?

Twix Green Calorie Label

  • Cactus_Wren

    Thomas Hine, in his book “The Total Package”, has pointed out that we can credit this to SnackWell, the first company to use green prominently in food packaging and labeling. Prior to 1992, the industry’s received wisdom — dating from the early 1900s — was that if people saw green on a food label, they’d subconsciously associate it with mold and decay. SnackWell realized this was a preposterous idea: few people worry about opening a box of crackers and finding it full of mold. They gave their product a distinctive and eye-catching, and at that time unique, all-green label — and established a new association in consumers’ minds, of “green label” with “healthy, *low-fat* product”.

    • http://www.fooducate.com/ Fooducate

      Thanks for sharing that!

  • Wyatt

    Green means ‘Go’ and red means ‘Stop’, now we have the label on our food products to tell us so!

  • http://rachaelmcleveland.com/ Rachael Cleveland

    Wow, what a great way of sharing this! Must de-program the brain.

  • http://nutritionstripped.com/ McKel | Nutrition Stripped

    Ah another way marketing and psychology is used to alter our overall perception of a food. This reminds me of how fast food establishments tend to use the colors red and yellow to stimulate appetite and increase awareness, etc.

    Great post!

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  • Melissa

    This works in first world countries where consumers are educated. It is a fact in developing countries, that red continues to sell more products. Coca-Cola has capitalized on this for years.

  • JWCamp

    Just goes to demonstrate how stupid people are.

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