Beanitos Bean Chips – The Healthier Chip Alternative

Beanitos White Bean Chips

Beanitos is a niche brand of chips made from beans. When we first encountered the company a few years ago, we were pleasantly surprised at their relatively healthy nutrition profile. Ever since, we’ve been following their story.

Last weekend, at Expo West, the annual natural foods show in Anaheim, California, Beanitos introduced a new product packaging, as well as a new White Bean flavor, that got our interest piqued. The flavor profile of bean chips is different than your standard potato chip. It definitely requires an adjustment of your taste buds, but not in a bad way.

The nutrition, for a savory chip snack, is impressive. For a 140 calories of snack, you get 6 grams of fiber (compare to less than 1 gram for Lay’s potato chips). The sodium count is low as well – 55 mg (vs 90 mg for potato chips). Still, this product’s second ingredient is oil, and it contains 7 grams of fat per serving.

Beanitos nutrientsAnother thing to note is the portion size consumed. While the serving is 12 chips (1 oz) the bag itself contains 1.5 servings. This means that whomever opens up a bag will consume the entire package – 210 calories, not 140. The information for full package nutrition does appear on the nutrition facts panel, see image above.

The ingredient list is sweet and short. You’ll be happy to read that all Beanitos ingredients are certified Non-GMO. They are also certified Gluten Free.

Beanitos ingredients

Bottom line: If you are craving a chip snack, give Beanitos a chance.

Have you tried non-potato chips? What are your favorites?

(h/t to Carol Harvey)

  • Robin

    We eat them at our house. Haven’t seen this particular variety but definitely the black bean and pinto bean tortilla chips.

  • roger

    how do we know the high heat did not hydrogenate these oils? They dont even know what oil they use, as seen by the word “OR”

    • Fooducate

      Hydrogenation requires the “bombing” of oil with hydrogen atoms.

    • diane

      “or” doesn’t mean they dont know what oil they are using. It means they use one or the other depending on what is cheaper to buy when they order.

    • J R

      I’m in the transportation business. I see and/or on a lot of products in the store. In my history I’ve been told that it had to do with the facility they manufacture in. Most companies have a few facilities all over the nation. Some facilities use different oils than others. They are all verified Non-GMO which is great though. I haven’t seen this flavor either, but my wife is officially on the prowl!

  • kat eaton

    i’ve had chickpea flour chips and bean chips , but our faves are still the root chips – beets, sweet potatoes, taro, etc.

  • The Candid RD

    I LOVE Beanitos!! I was so happy to find them on the shelves where I work, but only in the small bags. Recently, however, we got the LARGE bags, and I’m so excited about it. I try to “push them” to customers whenever I can. They’re just so tasty and filling!

  • McKel | Nutrition Stripped

    I love Trader Joe’s brand; they have amazing lentil, rice, and black bean chips that are my go-to picks! Also, Mary’s Gone Crackers is another great brand :)

  • Lulu

    They taste great and the nutrition profile for what it is is awesome…if only they could be made in a nut free facility!!!

  • Jj VAndersen

    I live in Roy, Utah where can you find them here?

  • Patsy

    Beanitos saved me in a big way. Having food sensitivity to many common foods, one being corn. These chips have satisfied my chip cravings for over a year. Thank you so much for these great chips.

  • Maggie

    While visiting in Florida, from London, I discovered Beanitos. They are great. I packed my suitcase with as many of the large bags as I could fit in for my return journey home. I found that I can purchase them via the Net, at a much higher cost of course…but they’re worth it!

  • lovingr8tfood

    I discovered the Beanitos very recently. Simply Pinto Bean and White Bean W/sea salt. The texture is light, the salt delicate and the flavor is unique and wonderful. By far the very BEST chip I have eaten…a bit pricey though. It seems anything “healthy” is pricey.

  • D. J.

    I LOVE Beanitos! The Chipotle BBQ Black Bean is my favorite. I’m super sensitive to MSG. These BBQ “chips” are fantastic and I don’t have to worry about migraines!

  • Eric

    Why is oil as the second ingredient a knock on these chips? Sunflower and safflower oils are healthy fats (this can be confirmed in the nutrition facts which show no trans fats and almost no saturated fat).

  • Living-without-diabetes

    I don’t know where to find them in SoCal. I have been enjoying Lundberg’s and Beanfields chips but would like to try Beanitos.

    • kafaya1

      Whole foods or Sprouts. I recommend the black blean w/ sea salt.

      • Living-without-diabetes

        Thanks. I go to Sprouts all the time. I had forgotten that I asked.

        • kafaya1

          No prob, yeah this answer is pretty late I just ran into this article. I’ll have to try out the 2 chips you recommended. Also try Terra brand taro chips. They’re really good. They’re usually at Mother’s Market or Whole Foods. God bless!

  • Vic Torino

    I tried Beanitos and just hate the “mouth feel” that you get. Not appetizing at all.

  • CeeJay in Texas

    Since I have discovered Beanitos I have been hooked!!!!..Definantely my favorite!!!!!!!!