St. Patrick’s Day: Healthy Recipe Ideas

It’s coming this Sunday! Did you know that St. Patrick’s Day is also called the “Feast” of St. Patrick? Aside from public parades and festivities, food and drink are an important part of the day – whether alcoholic beverages or those ubiquitous green-colored cookies, cupcakes or candies.

Here are 5 easy ideas to get green & have fun without derailing any diets or succumbing to the urge to purchase artificially green food coloring (bleck!). You can find all of the recipes and more on our St. Patrick’s Day Pinterest Page.

1. Get it green, naturally

Make (or buy) some pesto! Add it to pasta for a fun colored lunch dish, try it on toast or even mix it into an egg scramble. Turn your food green without artificial colors.

2. Go for the rainbow

Rainbow fruits skewers or a rainbow veggie platter. This is attractive, healthy and hard to resist.

3. Let green peppers shine

From shamrock eggs to green pepper clover stamps, these healthy treats are just waiting for St. Patrick’s day to be a star. Their cute shamrock shape is irresistible.

4. Dip it green

Lots of healthy and healthier dips come in green – salsa verde, spinach dip or guacamole to name a few. All three of these have health benefits and salsa verde is low in calories and great for dieters.

5. Top it off with quality Irish beer or whisky

While you might want to skimp on price or calories, today isn’t the day. Go for quality, not quantity.

You can find all of the recipes and more on our St. Patrick’s Day Pinterest Page.

Have a great St. Patty’s Day!