NEW: Fooducate for Heart Health!

February is heart monthFebruary was American Heart Month. Valentine’s day aside, how did your heart fare?

According to the CDC, over 700,000 Americans have a heart attack each year. About one in four US deaths is from heart disease – 600,000 people a year! The annual financial burden of heart disease is over $300 billion!

But enough negativity, there is some good news too. Each and every one of us can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease by taking preventive measures such as eating right, exercising, and quitting smoking.

And starting today, Fooducate can help you make heart healthy food choices. We’ve updated our iPhone app (version 3.10) and Android app (version 1.32) to include  heart related goals that you can define in your settings screen:

  1. Eat heart healthy
  2. Lower cholesterol
  3. Lower blood pressure

Fooducate Settings Screen Goal Tab

If you choose “Eat heart healthy”, the app will let you know when a product you scan is considered “heart healthy” as defined by the American Heart Association. See screenshot:

Fooducate - heart heathy product

If you have either high blood cholesterol levels or high blood pressure, mark those goals as on. Turning any or several of the options on at the same time is perfectly fine too.

All product grades are adjusted to the goals you have specified. When you select a certain goals product grades may be lower or higher than in a generic case. For instance, soup rates “B” To show you that your product grade has been personalized, you will see the wording “PERSONALIZED” Appear above the letter grade. See screenshot below for example.

C plus personalized

Please try this out and let us know what you think!

  • jlg

    This is really awesome. next you should add a gluten free feature to indicate if a food is free of gluten naturally or may be made in a factory that might cross contaminate. Any plans to do this?

    • Michelle

      This NEEDS to happen!! For those of us that already have this app, adding a gluten free feature to the already-existing app would be SO helpful!! :)

    • Fooducate

      We already have a premium version of the app for iPhone, with gluten and other allergies

      • Michelle

        That’s great for people with iPhones- but you seem to be under the impression that everybody HAS an iPhone. What about people like me that have an Android smartphone? How are WE supposed to get this app!?

        • Fooducate

          Hi Michelle, we hope to have an allergy version for Android available soon too. Angry comments on our blog motivate us immensely to get things done ;-)

          • Michelle

            Oh, haha don’t worry, I’m not angry at all- I seriously love this app and what you guys do. I’d just really love to see an app for us gluten-free android-loving people. ;) That’s all.

  • Brian Klein

    A question: Do you give high ratings to all foods that the American Heart Association puts their label on? I’m curious about what the criteria is to give a food a high rating. Some of those foods are highly processed, and may actually be contributers to heart disease. I think the AHA has a loose set of regulations if it means that can license their logo and use it as a cash cow. For example, you will rarely see the label around fruits, vegetable or seafood, and that’s because these companies are not going to pay for the sticker or whatever would work and the licensing. Cheerios, on the other hand has a huge conglomerate behind it, and will put the AHA label on the food because it may reduce cholesterol. (And a growing number of doctors are abandoning the cholesterol hypothesis as just as many people with “normal” cholesterol are getting heart attacks as those with “high” levels.)

  • Zuupdesign

    I just want to share this great blog, it could help anyone in the future. Change the way you take your vitamins and supplements

  • The Candid RD

    I agree with Brian, some of the AHA “check marks” are on foods that make me want to laugh. Either way, I’m excited about this app, and ready to share it with customers at the store where I work!

  • Denis Cowley

    Sad, we run Blackberry’s. this app looks fantastic. A shame there’s not a mobile web-site that would serve all smart phones. This could be a very good tool