Dear Hilton: One Room, King Bed, Hold the Cookie

Doubltree Cookie vs. Room Key

Business professionals that are often on the road will relate to this post. There’s nothing like checking into your hotel after a long day of meetings and crashing into a comfortable bed. The major chain hotels are continually working to improve guest experience, and that includes various perks.

The picture above is of a sweet surprise DoubleTree guests receive upon checking in at hotel reception. (DoubleTree is a Hilton brand hotel). The receptionists actually have a food warming drawer behind their counter, so when you get your room key, you also receive a brown paper bag with an oversized cookie.

The monster cookie tastes simply AWESOME. However, it is an unplanned addition of 310 calories to an already compromised diet while on the road. Dear Hilton – can we get a fresh fruit option instead?

Doubltree Cookie - Nutrition

  • Jim

    For me, that’s one big benefit to being vegan, as a road warrior. I simply won’t eat most of the crap offered. Perhaps, if I wasn’t vegan, I would weigh about 1000 pounds, since there is a constant flow of oily, fatty, sugary, salty garbage being offered in airline clubs, on flights, in hotel lobbies, and in business meetings and conferences. 99% of which, I can’t/won’t eat. :)

  • Jennifer Walker

    Self-control is a wonderful thing… but it’s 1 cookie. Really. Eat the cookie, don’t eat the cookie, I’m sure the desk clerk doesn’t really care. A single 310-calorie treat when you’re checking into your hotel for the week or even weekend isn’t going to wreck your nutritional profile.

  • MJ

    When I worked for Hilton they did have a fruit option as part of their Hilton Honors preferences. Maybe that has changed in the last few years, but I would think it would still be a choice.

  • James Cooper

    Most of these hotels have a bowl of fruit, too. I usually take both and top it off with a gin and tonic!

  • Darryl Miglio

    Slow news day at fooducate?

    • Fooducate

      No, simply encountered said megacookie on a biz trip

  • Dr P

    Wow! Choose Residence Inns Marriott.. U have wide offereings and many choices to make!