Surprised? Diet Soda May Increase Chance of Diabetes

Sweaty Diet Coke CanWe are not fans of diet drinks. There are many reasons to abstain from them, and a recent study just added another: type 2 diabetes.

In a European study of 66,000 women middle age and up, over 14 years, a definitive correlation was found between consumption of diet soft drinks and type 2 diabetes. Even more amazing: the correlation was STRONGER than the one found with consumption of regular soft drinks!

The risk of diabetes grows by 60% with the consumption of just 1 cup of diet soda a day. Consumption of 100% fruit juice did not show any increase in diabetes risk.

Why would a diet drink with zero carbs lead to diabetes? Scientists are still working on that.

Bottom line: Learn to love water.

  • Mayan Orgel

    Science has already worked it out – why are they so puzzled?

    When you taste something sweet, or even think about something sweet, your pancreas starts releasing insulin. The brain’s “hunger center” has receptors for insulin (insulin on its own), while the brain’s satiety center (a different area) has receptors for insulin+glucose. When you consume sugar, insulin gets released, and the insullin+glucose stimulate the satiety center. However, artificial sweetners (as contained in diet soda and other junk foods), do not contain glucose, so all you get is insulin. This lonely insulin stimulates the hunger center. not only does this make you hungry, it continues to stimulate the pancreas to release more insulin. This extra strain the islet cells of the pancreas (the cells that produce insulin) causes them to die prematurely. Once your islet cells are reduced below a certain number, you can no longer produce sufficient insulin…. Meaning, you now have diabetes.

    This is not news – this is simple biochemistry & endocrinology

  • Christy from the US

    What a dissapointment does this also go for sports drinks that have no surgar in it? I have been off and on with diet sodas and flavored water for 20 years now and I have no signs of diabeties. Iwas last tested two years ago. I have been giving diet soda or flavored water drinks most of there lives and my children have been tested in the last year for diabetes and no sign. So what is really going on?

  • Christy from the US

    My question is for the 20 years or
    more just for consuming diet sodas and flavored drinks myself and my family are in for getting diabetes? How much longer would we have untill we each would get diabetes? And for my children we are looking at 20 years to 5 years of consuming diet drinks, flavored water, soda with surgar, milk, fruit juices, vegetable & fruit juice mix of drinks. Did they include alcohol drinks in there reasearch?

    • Annie

      If you ever drank a diet drink you are doomed. its a huge crisis. You better get your affairs in order if you ever drank a diet drink. These doctors know you are doomed. They study all sorts of stuff and it all causes diabetes these days. Used to be heart disease was gonna kill us all. Then skin cancer. Now diabetes because you drank a diet drink. Its your own fault for eating or drinking anything. You deserve it. Thank goodness fooducate is here to warn us when we are about to die from eating and drinking.

  • Thomas Ärlig

    Correlation and causation anyone? I have a feeling people consuming diet products are often consuming them because of the need for calorie restriction, i.e. a person with a higher bmi is more inclined to buy diet sodas. And a higher bmi is a risk factor for metabolic diseases.

  • mdeva

    Almost certainly not a regression study. Most of my fat friends drink diet sort – and skinny ones drink sugary ones. If the study eliminated all other variables (weight, other dietary differences, etc.), it might have some credence. Without more precision, it’s just anecdotal.

  • Gloryee

    What type of artificial sweetner?

  • Alyssa

    I’d really just like to point out that carbs have absolutely nothing to do with diabetes.

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  • Gypsykat

    Born with or Predisposition – THAT’S how you get diabetes. Why write an article with no real proof. “Scientists are still working on that”. Move along nothing to see here….