No More Artificial Food Colors!

Food Manufacturers: Remove Artificial Colors from Our Food!Artificial colors in food increase the risk of disease and neural issues, especially in children.

So why are they still being used by manufacturers in the US? Food Companies have shown that natural colorings can be used in products for the European market. Those very same products use artificial colors  when manufactured for the US. Don’t American kids deserve better?

Please sign SIGN Fooducate’s PETITION to food manufacturers: Remove Artificial Colors from Our Food!


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  • James Cooper

    What peer reviewed research supports your views?

    • ss1hit

      Pick one. Venture to your nearest library, pick one, and read it. Not too difficult really if you are informed.

    • Anneliese Sessa

      Check out These dyes were affecting my grandkids!

  • Super MOM

    Signed the petition! America (and her children) have never been fatter, sicker or more malnourished and it’s so strange we (as a nation) can’t seem to figure out why. There is NO reason we can’t change to non chemical, non-petroleum based, non processed, fake, highly processed, chemically engineered food dyes for our children. Go ahead – make my day -and tell me these chemicals are okay…I’m ready… (in the meantime, no GMO or food dyes in my shopping cart for my children) How about yours?

    p.s. To the post below from James Cooper, “what peer reviewed research supports your views? How about you ask ten moms or dads, Mr. Cooper, how their children react after eating highly processed, chemically laden, nutritionally void franken-food that’s chemically dyed. Trust me on this one Mr Cooper, with all due respect, we’ll have you eating your peer reviewed journal in a matter of minutes. Hmmmm..wonder if there is any nutritional value in paper pulp?

    • Fooducate

      Thanks Super MOM!

  • Jennifer

    I heard that studies show this is just not true.

    • Jen

      I hit reply on the wrong post, sorry! i don’t know how to delete!

  • Beth WarrenMS RD CDN

    I fully support this petition!

    • Fooducate

      Thanks Beth!

  • Whyowhy

    I am really curious about the elements wich would change the colours artificial.

    For exsample : people think that ‘chemical-nutrients’ are more bad than ‘biological-nutrients’. I have a theorie wich changes everything.

    If you compare ‘chemical made phosphor’ to ‘biological made phosphor’ the element doesent change at all. And that’s the same with every element! Biological made phosphor dosent change to a more positive way than ‘chemical made posphor’.

    And more funny is the fact that biological chickens still get antibiotics to live without any crazy infections so all the poo what we use from those chickens to feed our vegetables is infected with the antibiotic resistent bacterials. And we give this to our vegetables to grow ‘biological’. How funny.

    So please is there any one who can tell me what element causes the change of colour?

  • Anneliese Sessa

    Check out for info on artificial food colors!