Are You Getting Enough Salsa?

Organic SalsaIf you live in the US, chances are you have a jar of salsa in your pantry or fridge right now. This wasn’t always the case, but salsa has grown immensely in popularity in the last few decades. Salsa is the Spanish term for “sauce” and has come to denote a light, tomato based sauce that many of us meet with a corn chip while watching televised sporting events.

Salsa is usually comprised of a combination of tomatoes, chili peppers, onion, and spices.

Salsa is wonderful. Besides being a tasty addition to multiple meal configurations, it boasts significant nutrition benefits:

  • Low in calories – a serving of salsa has just 10 calories for 2 tablespoons of heaven. You could double up or even triple your portion size without having to fret over the calories.
  • Rich in Lycopenes – these are a type of antioxidant found in tomatoes, and even more so in cooked tomatoes. Although homemade salsa recipes are usually made with fresh tomatoes, the jarred stuff you buy in the supermarket is always cooked. Although the main intention is to increase shelf life, in this case, the extra processing is actually a nutritional benefit too. Woot!
  • No unhealthy fats – in fact, no fats at all!
  • Healthy spices – depending on the salsa you buy, you may encounter chilis, cumin, cilantro, and other herbs and spices. Each boasts various health benefits

There you go.

How spicy do you like your salsa?

What surprising foods do you add it to?

  • Michelle

    I like to add hot chili peppers and jalapeños to mine, and scoop it up in a gluten-free chip. Mmm~!

    • Fooducate

      Yummy indeed. The only downside to salsa is eating too many chips with it ;-)

      • Michelle

        Haha thankfully, that neat little trick called ‘following portion sizes’ prevents me from making that mistake :)

      • Heiny Weinergrabner

        Well, sure, the chips can be a problem, but also how the sodium in salsa spikes your blood pressure and makes you feel like a fat jewish broad is standing on your chest. Oh, and how it makes your shit hot and burns your bunghole all the time. It’s like wiping turpentine on your anus. Hey, is that why they call it salsa dancing?

        I love your blog. It is such a laughable bucket of excrement. I love reading all the dumbasses’ fawning comments validating your ridiculous ignorant opinions, too. It makes me feel exponentially smarter. Shalom!

  • Michelle @ Eat Move Balance

    Spicy and chunky!! My husband and I eat salsa all. the. time. One of my favorite foods!! :)

    • Fooducate

      Here here for spicy!

  • Liv Marie

    I love it in my salads and eggs!

    • Fooducate

      Yes! Salsa on scrambled eggs. Yum

  • Ana F

    I am mexican and we usually have home made salsa in every house. I love them all but my favourite is chipotle with avocado! :)

  • Sarah

    We keep mild and medium salsa spice levels in the fridge, in order to keep the kids eating it too (they’re Mild fans). We aren’t fans of SUPER hot, so medium suffices quite well for hubby and I! I like it on eggs, with salad and on chips – and with my chip-to-salsa ratio I don’t think I’m in danger of eating too many chips– I run out of salsa first! :-)

  • Andrea T

    It’s also pretty easy to make, though I usually buy it.

  • Bowk5150

    Salsa is yummy that’s for sure! However some brands have WAY to much sodium. Shop wisely.


    Love it in cottage cheese. Use it as a dip for vegis. Yes on eggs and sometimes I just pretend it’s gazpacho soup. But I have to admit I’ve gotten pretty snobby about it. I have almost completely limited my salsa habit to tomato growing season here in my neck of the woods. Absolutely nothing better than homemade.

  • Carol H.

    Great mixed with avocado or sour cream and/or yogurt for a creamier, milder dip.

  • The Candid RD

    I used to add salsa to EVERYTHING, and the chunkier it was, then better! Now that I follow a special diet for my IBS, I can’t eat much of it so I try to avoid it. So depressing. But, when I DO eat it I enjoy it on tacos and on black beans with red hot :) I also like making dips with it, mixed with plain Greek yogurt.

  • Michele Hays

    Salsa is great to cook with, too! When I’m not cooking my collards the unhealthy but good way (smoked pork,) I smother them in salsa and cook until tender. It’s also a quick way to get the veggies you need into your chili.

  • AprilInAutumn

    I like using it on a salad instead of dressing.

  • Catherine H

    I think its really important to consider the amount of sodium in jarred salsa, some aren’t bad, while some has more salt than a serving of the tortilla chips being served with the salsa. Just keep that in mind.