Mio Fit Water Enhancer: From Terrible to Worse

Mio Fit by Kraft

2 years ago, Kraft launched a new product into the market called Mio Water Enhancer. The result of an intra-company brainstorming session, this water flavoring was Krafts’ biggest product launch in a decade. We quickly called bullshit on this product, full of artificial ingredients.

Our call to consumers must have gone unheard, because Kraft is now expanding the Mio line to include Mio Fit:

“From the court to the field to the gym, MiO Fit gives you what you want after breaking a sweat – including electrolytes, B vitamins and zero calories – by changing water into a refreshing sports drink made to your ideal taste. The unique, portable bottle means you can always carry multiple servings of MiO Fit with you wherever you go.”

Information on the product is unavailable yet, because it has not formally launched. It will be unveiled to millions of Americans during the Superbowl on Sunday. But based on the ingredients of its elders, we are not expecting any miracles:

Water, Citric Acid, Propylene Glycol, Malic Acid, Contains Less than 2% of Natural Flavor, Sucralose and Acesulfame Potassium (Sweeteners), Potassium Citrate, Red 40, Blue 1, Potassium Sorbate (Preservative).

People – what’s wrong with plain water and a healthy diet?? You are working out for an hour, sweating and pushing yourself. Obviously you have self control and discipline. Is it really that hard to get yourself used to drinking plain water?

If you believe that your body is your temple, why contaminate it with artificial sweeteners that may cause cancer? Do you really need the bright red / blue artificial colors to make your water more palatable?

As if Mio original wasn’t bad enough, now Kraft is trying to convince us that Mio Fit has actual health benefits. Arggh…When it comes to the B vitamins and electrolytes, you can get those from eating real food. Even as simple as a banana. or a slice of whole grain bread with peanut butter.

But then again, the 30 second Superbowl commercial this weekend will probably convince you otherwise.

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  • Kim M.

    “But then again, the 30 second Superbowl commercial this weekend will probably convince you otherwise.” Was that a necessary jab to take at your readers? Don’t you think the people who come here and read this blog are a little too keyed into real food to be swayed by a $10 million 30-second spot run during the Super Bowl? Harsh!

    • http://www.fooducate.com/ Fooducate


    • kikson

      please shut up you loser

  • Alison

    I tried Mio when it came out…not worth the hefty price tag…plain water for me!

  • http://blog.ianbeyer.com Ian B

    It amazes me that there is even a market for overpriced kool-aid.

    • Tony Montana

      Kool-aid has calories

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1352624619 Paul W. Pyle

    I agree with your conclusions, but “vulgarity is no substitute for wit.”

    • Michelle

      I fully agree. Hemi seems to have a rather unfortunate tendency to regularly use profanity and vulgar language in her posts, on what is SUPPOSED to be a professional, well – educated health blog. To be honest – having to deal with Hemi’s regular use of uneeded profanity is quickly becoming very, very irritating. Enough already!!

      • http://www.fooducate.com/ Fooducate

        Hi Michelle, Paul
        Thanks for your feedback.
        Didn’t realize “bull….” was taboo.
        Will try to be more sensitive in future posts.
        For the record, I’m a he (not she).

        • Michelle

          Oops, my apologies. ;) Thank you for taking the time to consider my opinion- I appreciate it. :)

          • Flyte44

            How can readers take you seriously if you use vulgarity? There is a nice alternate view point here, but many may not read further when they see unprofessional words. As for Mio, I use it. Rather take my chances with minute quantities of quasi-controversial food chem. than a lot of sugar.

          • dd

            Wow, time to pull the sticks out of your butts! I enjoyed the humor, point well made even with the word bullshit :O

      • derp

        fuck off

  • Chef Marshall O’Brien

    Keep on calling out the bull Fooducate! keep up the good fight – love it!!!

  • David langin

    I will admit, I do love my mio. I haven’t found anything that gives me more energy then mio energy. But i know it was anything but heathy. Just to let you know though, what is wrong with sometimes having fun and adding flavors and colors to your water? Normal people get bored of plain water. I guess health nuts think that the less fun you have in your life and more discipline, the better

    • http://www.fooducate.com/ Fooducate

      Nothing wrong with having fun. If Mio is your one guilty pleasure, knock yourself out. Not sure normal = grown adult having to add ultra bright colors into his water in order to drink them. Sigh.

      • Derek

        “having to add ultra bright colors into his water”. Yes! That’s why people buy Mio. For the colors! Not the fact that water is boring and flavorless. I’ll take my Mio and my good attitude over water and condescension any and every day. By the way, I just bought some Mio Fit Arctic Grape today, I’d say it’s more of a tint. Certainly not ultra bright.

        • http://www.fooducate.com/ Fooducate

          At least you know what the risk is when consuming Mio.
          Sorry you find water boring and flavorless.

        • gerry

          I hear ya Dave and agree w/u fully 100%. There’s NOTHING wrong w/making our own colored water every now and then. Everybody is different, and I believe every body has the right 2 put in it whatever the hell we want. If I find out later I’m about 2 die from some form of rare cancer, well then I guess my loved ones will @ least enjoy spending my millions of dollars from being the proud New owners of Moo Fit. lol

          • gerry

            I hope u got my reply, Dave regarding the mio fit. Having drank a bit o’ fit, I sat down 2 write this reply and just woke up b4 I even started it. lol!! if u look @ the reply 2 Derek below, that was supposed 2 b yours but, I couldn’t figure out how 2 swap names so I’m just sendin u a msg of ur own!!! And, u can just read his reply! Lol

      • Joyce Myers

        Fooducate you’re an ass!!!! I am a grown adult and I use MIO, Dasani, Crystal Light, etc to flavor my bottled water because I can’t stand the taste of plain water and before you say water has no flavor I know differently.

    • Anonymoose

      I keep wondering how many of these posts are paid shills for Kraft. Probably most of them. I mean really.. you’re SO passionate about a shitty $4 food additive that you come here to dispute some crackpot wannabe foodie’s hissyfit tinfoilhat claims because you love the product?

      NEWSFLASH: There have been DOZENS of products that accomplish the same thing on your grocery shelves FOR YEARS.. ever heard of sugar-free KoolAid? Or Crystal Light? They just didn’t come in a squeeze bottle OR cost a ridiculously overpriced $4.

  • The12thDoctor

    I think plain water tastes great the only two things I have drank other than water the past few weeks is milk and i feel guilty for this one but i drank one sprite zero

    • Clint

      So long as you don’t overly abuse soda, its not all that terrible. Just NO diets (Zeros included). They all have Aspartame which is the worst artificial sweetener there is. The main ingredient in rat poison. If you must drink a soda, drink a regular soda. Diet, the Zeros, or Pepsi ONE, etc, are all terrible. Not to say soda is good for you, but the regular sodas are better than diet. By the way, are you really a doctor?

      • ‘Ello

        That’s a Doctor Who reference.

  • Mr. Iggleman

    So, I agree with most of your conclusions. But for endurance sports drinking only plain water can be dangerous and lead to water intoxication. Don’t need Mio Fit to get electrolytes. But you do need electrolytes.

    • http://www.fooducate.com/ Fooducate

      Agreed, endurance runners and athletes do have a separate set of needs.

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  • bebueno

    Stop being a condescending bitch, Hemi. Thank you.

  • Apart ridge

    If you consider consuming mio as “risky” then I sure hope you people know what you’re consuming when you drink a glass of soda or pop or whatever you call that acidic, disgusting liquid.

  • Sdeck

    Some of us came here to read something useful about the product instead we get this garbage. Some people like myself have strenuous jobs that need a two to one ratio of water to an electrolyte drink to stay functioning. So I came here to read if this product was comparable to Gatorade and instead I read a childish rant.

    • Normal

      You’re a bloody fool

    • Andrew

      Thank you. This article provided ZERO factual info about the ingredients. The only info it provided that is accurate.. IS the ingredients. What a joke. I drink about 24oz of water in the office a day (my water bottle measures) and i’m sick of it. Water is nice but has no nutrients. I get hungry and tired easily after my lunch break. I’m looking to see if a couple nickels a day is worth it for an additive product like Mio. This blog is full of opinionated sensationalist BS.

    • Andrew

      For anyone looking for a USEFUL article that talks about the BIGGEST issue with mio: Propylene Glycol, read here:


  • cocoadog

    Flavrz-they have an organic energy mix–comes in single serve pouches, just add to water

  • MioRocks666

    Hemi Weingarten is a retard. I hope you honestly don’t think that the pesticides and preservatives in your “Natural foods” are any better for you. Furthermore, there is still no conclusive evidence that sucralose causes cancer or anything else of the sort…

  • Clint

    First of all, almost everything we consume is full of artificial sweeteners. The food we eat today, even organic, is not even close to the same nutrition as before. Government has regulated the soil to dirt, the farmers who sell to the mega stores are forced to use all kinds of crap to treat their crops. GMO’s, preservatives, and even fish created in a lab (Tilapia)… At some point, you have to realize that there’s no getting around it. And your precious water is full of the toxic base of fluoride, which is proven not only to be toxic to the body, but also ROTS your teeth. Bottled water is full of BPA from the plastic bottles they sit in for months before being consumed. The flu shot gives you the flu, it contains formaldehyde and mercury, and sometimes the key ingredients in laundry detergents… And that’s supposed to protect us from the flu? Give me a break. Biggest scam ever. All these nuts talking about going “green” with energy. Releasing these “energy saver” light bulbs that emit chemicals into the air that can cause cancer.

    Even the vitamins people are told to take actually do more harm than good. These “one a day” vitamins and Centrum and all the rest of the over the counter BS are speeding up the oxidation process within the body. I know because I take pharmaceutical grade Vitamins that can’t even be bought in a store, which have been lab tested on human cells extracted from healthy and unhealthy immune systems, and treated with these vitamins over a long period. After 20 years, these cells are still alive and healthy in the lab these vitamins are made. The stuff I take gives you real nutrition, real minerals, real fish oil, and real health. My point is, I’ve been educated on all the things bad for you to eat and drink. Not defending Mio’s use of artificial sweeteners, but its in almost everything tasty these days, and even the “healthy” stuff has been contaminated by government regulation.

    If I drink a soda, its never diet, because all diet sodas contain ASPARTAME, which is the WORST artificial sweetener. Its the main ingredient in rat poison. And I try and only get soda that uses pure sugar cane, and not high fructose corn syrup. Sugar is not bad for you. In fact, sugar, like most natural things, is actually good for you until you abuse it. I can tell that you are not as educated in this as you think. Before you go off telling people how they should live their lives, learn the facts first. I am willing to bet you have a lot of room for improvement. I bet you eat wheat bread, which today, most contain GMO’s, which have been shown to have all kinds of adverse affects. If you want to learn about true health, I’d be more than happy to let you know a few things.

    • Anonymoose

      Make sure they don’t get your precious bodily fluids, Mandrake!

  • CindyMD

    It’s only a few cc’s in 16 oz water. What you are claiming sounds like drinking the entire bottle daily:. MIO has gotten people off diet cokes and aspartame — that’s more toxic amounts than MIO can be in 8 bottles of water..

    • kristin

      Actually, its probably just as bad if not worse. The third ingredient is propelene glycol which is antifreeze and food dyes are made from petroleum and coal tar. Propelene glycol is used in food to absorb water (why its legal as food additive is beyond me). So its also dehydrating, the opposite of what you are trying to do if you are drinking water. :)

      • Kay

        If you read up a bit more on the ingredient youd find that yes it is used in antifreeze, BUT it is “non-toxic” antifreeze, and exact opposite of “ethylene” glycol, used in [toxic] antifreeze (toxic to humans and animals).
        Propylene glycol is used in antifreeze for winterizing drinking water systems, it’s used as a moisturizer in medicines, cosmetics, food, toothpaste, shampoo, mouth wash, hair care products, and it is the main ingredient in deodorant sticks. Chances are people have subjected themselves to this ingredient already for ages.

  • Anonymoose


  • Mat

    What people are ignoring in the comments here is that just because you enjoy something, that does not make it healthy, or good for you in any way. I enjoy eating smoked meats, but that doesn’t mean that smoked meats aren’t bad for you compared to baked ones.

  • Duh

    Everything Causes Cancer dumb dumb

  • Silent

    so… I came here to find out more about this product and I found a rather slanted view. Perhaps you might suggest a NATURAL alternative to the mio product? I would like to claim that I’m able to consume lots of water a day without sprucing it up but I can’t. I like flavor. as for the electrolytes and b vitamins – perhaps you might comment on the actual amount of ‘lytes in here. I’m not about to chuck down a bananna and a piece of bread with peanut butter if i’m thirsty.

    • john


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paula-Frazer-Owens/1577755862 Paula Frazer Owens

    I found this information useful & good !! We keep hearing from Nutritionist that if we can’t pronounce it, probably don’t want it in our bodies……real food, no colors, additives & no GMO foods….. I like Mio tea but am going back to real tea…..it’s not as easy but obviously better for us….! Our food source is being poisoned by Monsanto’s GMO’s….. no need to add something else foreign or toxic to our bodies……. and we wonder why cancer, diabetes & autism is on the rise!??

  • information seeker

    I came looking for information. nothing here. “may cause cancer” but you don’t know. and there are no actual facts. what a waste of time.

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  • Chris

    This is a seriously unprofessional article…you did everything but call your readers idiots for drinking flavored water instead of regular…I have to say, I am a recovering soda pop addict…I used to drink well over 100oz. a week…I started drinking water but water has always been something I had to force myself to drink…especially tap water…now I am to the point that most days I drink 64oz or more of water, but sometimes when I get the craving for soda (because I still love it because it tastes so good and it has a remarkably refreshing bite particularly on hot summer days) Mio gives me a tasty alternative…If you want to talk about sucralose and acesulfame potassium, the tests done by the FDA did NOT prove that either of these artificial sweeteners cause cancer by themselves…a carcinogen is created when certain preservatives are eaten frequently with artifical sweeteners…get your information straight or don’t write anything at all

    • http://www.luxurybranded.com/ Ryan Clark

      Because you are an idiot for drinking this tripe.

  • Tom

    lol. What a joke bs articles like these are.

  • Kay

    Some of us simply don’t like water, using a SMALL amount of Mio isn’t going to kill you. One bottle usually lasts me 3 weeks.
    I’ve researched articles where people took the time to look up and explain the ingredients for the benefit of others, unlike this childish venting post.
    When they did so, they showed that all of these ingredients are in the other foods we eat already. What’s one tiny bottle of the same artificial ingredients if we’re already putting them in our body anyway; eating fruit and veggies is easy yes, but water is number one, and after a run or a work out you want to hydrate yourself first and foremost, not go eat a bunch of food.

  • Robert Wright

    Look I hate water, I have lived off of soda most of my life and could never figure out why people settled for plain boring water …So as a low cal substitute and for the added sweetness and taste, MIO is a winner . Soda …MIO which is better for you , that is the question. For many of us Water is not an option we could never hydrate with something that has no taste.

  • MortimerMouse

    It is garbage, it’s a bunch of chemicals, we have virtually no idea what they’ll do to us. That goes for pretty much most of what we put in our mouths though, unless of course we grow it, kill it, cook it ourselves.
    I used to hate water due to the lack of flavour. I never felt satisfied, but after I started working out a tremendous amount and forcing myself to drink it, I have found nothing else will do. Now I love water and won’t touch anything else except for the occasional apple juice, and of course beer…
    Once you get accustomed to water, really nothing else compares to the clean, crisp, ice cold, “tasteless” stuff.

    • Mr. Sensible

      Food is a bunch of chemicals too.

  • Bareley

    “People – what’s wrong with plain water and a healthy diet?? You are working out for an hour, sweating and pushing yourself. Obviously you have self control and discipline. Is it really that hard to get yourself used to drinking plain water?”

    There’s nothing wrong with plain water and a healthy diet, but this product is made for specific circumstances: when you’re out and about and need a quick boost of electrolytes. Plain water doesn’t provide the electrolytes, and whole foods aren’t nearly as portable as this product.

    If you work out for just an hour, then sure, water is fine. But lots of people partake in endurance athletics for longer than one-hour periods. In those cases, water is not enough — there IS something wrong with water.

    So sure, as an everyday, casual additive to water for “color” or “flavor” purposes, I won’t use Mio Fit. That’s not really Mio Fit’s territory anyway — that’s more for regular Mio.

    Like Sdeck said, some of us clicked this link thinking that we might find some substantial information about how this product performs for what it was made to do — replenish nutrients that deplete during long bouts of exercise and that water alone does not replenish. Instead, we got this rant. You have every right to write it, but just know that it wasn’t helpful.

  • K.T

    This is very useful information and I will also agree with drinking plain water no artificial colors or additives.

  • Ryan

    Calm down. It’s also not healthy to get so worked up over something as benign as this.

  • Blackout P.

    Right on I get what your saying, I mean there’s probably no way everything you said isn’t right. Mio is pretty good though, I just got some right now.
    Came home and googled “is mio bad for you” haha.. I don’t like all the 40, 30 red, blue whatever color dyes. It’s in cheetos and all that stuff, soda.
    In the end I put it to pretty good use in my water pipes, it’ll make your rips taste real nice, and without ruining the flavor of the buds. :)

  • Missie

    The product made me sick. I used it one day, the wild cherry flavor, and just enough to turn my water a light pink. I ended up with severe dry mouth and just not feeling well. I wanted to eliminate all causes, so the following day I did not use it at all or anything else out of the ordinary. I felt great. Today I used just a tiny bit and I got ill; dry mouth, sweating, dry heaving, etc. I am convinced its the Mio. I work out 5-6 days a week, TRX 3 days a week and weight lifting 2-3 days a week. I am very strict in what I eat and drink, and I will be eliminating this from my daily routine. Stay away from it, its nothing but trash.

  • mazlaf

    Did all of you watch the movie “Idiocracy” ? sure you should.

    • http://tornadoandsasquatch.weebly.com/ TiffaniTornado


  • http://tornadoandsasquatch.weebly.com/ TiffaniTornado

    Meh. I know it isnt exactly good for you.
    But just a few months ago i was drinking somewhere around 5 cokes a day. I am weird and completely despise the taste of plain water.(dont tell me water has no taste. Yes it does.)
    Mio has no calories. No sugar. No caffeine(depending on which kind you get) and it tastes good. It definitely a better alternative to soda. i think i drink maybe one coke a week now. and i’ll eventually cut that out too. And eventually i will accustom myself to plain water.
    Mio does have a positive use. It helps those of us who are complete morons and got ourselves addicted to soda ween off of it.

    And im diabetic. So this is definitely a good thing.

    • 1mrt1

      Did you try diet soda? I like it

      • http://tornadoandsasquatch.weebly.com/ TiffaniTornado

        LOL I cant do the after taste.
        But im getting old. So i have to actually TRY to keep my figure now. lol.

        • 1mrt1

          Old…yea right. You are gorgeous. ahhh you get used to the after taste..I mixed it half and half for awhile first

  • Josh C.

    Some of you guys are getting really worked up… Personally i didn’t like the after taste of Mio. I like coconut water instead of sports drinks.. Full of electrolytes, you can mix it with pretty much any fruit juice (natural only or it would defeat healthy purpose=)) just be careful if you buy the packaged kind, a bunch have added sweeteners (better to get it right out of the coconut) and don’t go overboard with it, too much will have a laxative effect lol.

  • http://www.soundsolutionsvictoria.com/ Sound Solution

    Well that’s right, there shouldn’t be much of a taste. If home made it will be predominantly Ag+ ions dispersed in the water. http://www.soundsolutionsvictoria.com/services/automotive-av-services/

  • granola


  • granola

    As far as I know, these electrolytes are acid. Acid=destroying enamle of the teeth=tooth decay. Most drinks have acidic acid and I wish I could find one that doesn’t. Water does get boring.

  • Olivia

    I recently got sick and am lacking electrolytes and getting dehydrated. I came here to see if it was better and less sugary than gatorade. All I got out of this was feeling kinda shitty cause im not drinking “Plain water.” Its not just about flavors you ass, some of us have other reasons.

  • krapt

    tired of plain water? try carbonated water. After a workout, if you drink it fast enough you will get a fizzy tingling high.

  • panda27

    My mum brought a bottle back from australia… I was gald to squeeze it into my water, but now after seeing this article, I’ve totally given up this idea… Plain water tastes good, I believe.