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Dasani Drops water flavoring

Remember when Kraft introduced Mio Water Flavoring last year? We didn’t (and still don’t) approve of that artificially constructed product, but the folks over at Coca Cola must be thinking otherwise. That’s why their subsidiary Dasani water group recently introduced its version of water flavoring called Dasani Drops.

From the Dasani website we learn that there are 4 different flavors, and that they are all “Naturally Flavored”  (but with other Natural Flavors rather than the ones they purport to provide), and that they have 0 calories per serving.

What you need to know:

We took a log at the pink lemonade flavor online. There is no additional product information available on this product on Dasani’s website, for example the ingredient list. After taking a look at a product label in the supermarket, we understood why :-(

Dasani Drops Ingredients

Aside from the water, there is very little to like about this product’s makeup:

Artificial sweeteners – sucralose and acesulfame k. Potentially carcinogenic.

Artificial colors – Red 40, Yellow 6. Potentially carcinogenic. Cause hyperactivity in some kids. Banned in parts of Europe.

Other fun stuff – medium chain triglycerides, sucrose acetate isobutyrate (which causes liver damage in dogs), and more…

Why in the world would you want to put all this crap in your body?

We realize that for some people, the taste of plain water is simply not inspiring. But there are better solutions than this.

So how do you healthfully hydrate?

  • Chuck Finley

    I have developed a taste for unsweetened peppermint tea for when I want a flavored beverage. Took me awhile to get to the unsweetened stage, but now I love it. I am looking forward to making iced peppermint tea in the summertime. I also love cucumber water in the summer. Easy to make and DELICIOUS!!

  • http://blog.ianbeyer.com Ian B

    Why has the consumer not yet figured out that “flavored water” is just another word for “pop” ? this is just soft drink syrup, minus the bubbles.

    • phijef

      Personally, I like a little bit of flavoring. Not that much. Very watered down. I can’t stand the sweetness of Cokes. But, is everyone saying that even a small amount is worse than having a can of coke? I’m thinking I’ll have to quit and just get some limes. :|

  • http://blog.ianbeyer.com Ian B

    (and how is this any different from kool-aid?)

  • Princess Dianne

    Water. I love water…especially with ice. I’ve tried the flavor enhancers (because when people find out you’re trying lose 200+ pounds, they immediately think they’re all personal trainers and nutritionists and go into “help” mode)…and I hated them. They’re gross!!!! I gave up diet soda and have no intention of trading it for something else that’s icky. Water. In fact, I need to drink MORE of it…but one thing at a time. I’m still new at this. :-)

    • http://twitter.com/MattFrank MattFrank

      My best advice is to tell other people to back off and carve your own path. I yoyod for years partially because I would get fed up with other people or would get sick of a diet. This past time when I set off to lose weight I told people I was doing it my way and its been working wonderfully. Its been a couple years and I have a few to lose still but am much better off, I still have to occasionally tell people to butt out haha.

      I agree, the fake sugar substitutes just seem wrong when you step back and actually think about it.

    • daddy’s girl

      good luck with your weight loss! I need to lose about 140 pounds, so I know where you’re coming from! I’m not a big water drinker, but I’m going to start!

  • James Cooper

    Oh, bull-roar! Can you provide actual scientific citations for these generalizations, or are you just writing scary articles?

    • Susan

      yes James, this product is right up your alley! Drink it in good health!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/kathy.graul Kathy Steinmetz Graul

    Freeze lemon slices, use for ice cubes.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Susie-Notley-Bautista/1366966559 Susie Notley Bautista

    I’m concerned the consumer will use these products wrong and over flavor. If so, they would exceed established safe levels of additives in their food product.

    • Michelle

      There is no such thing as ‘safe levels of additives’. ANY artificial additives are chemicals, and ALL chemicals are poison to the body. Period. Science has proven it time and time again, and that will never change. Additives, in ANY amount, will NEVER be ‘safe’ or healthy for human consumption!

      • John

        Um, sugar is a chemical. The nutrients and compounds that provide flavor in tea leaves are chemicals. Blood plasma is a chemical. And perhaps the best example is water – also a chemical. You should just bridge that by saying “Any artificial additives are poison to the body.” “Chemical” has become such a loaded word, when really it just means a collection of atoms or molecules that can’t be separated through normal physical means (that is, without a chemical reaction).

  • http://www.facebook.com/Wuffee Cem Dereli

    Drop some mint leaves (whole)
    mmm lovely!

    • http://twitter.com/MattFrank MattFrank

      During the summer when I have mint and basil I toss a few leaves from each in. It is actually really good and looks interesting.

  • aemish

    tea bag & stevia

  • http://gigieatscelebrities.com/ GiGi Eats Celebrities

    Oh how delicious! Looks so innocent on the label, but it’s PURE DEVIL FOOD (wait, no, drink, lol)

  • Shaun

    This is very disappointing to me… A link to info of what we can put in water would have been helpful? I hate water literally … But trying to be healthy… But it seems anything that comes out to help that we have nothing but negatives .. This article was educating to me but not very helpful.. More pointing out the problems with no solutions

  • Daniel Dennett

    My office just recently switched from the bottles water cooler to one that filters tap water. I am trying really hard to drink more water, the water out of this things isn’t bad but isn’t good either, (water out of the 6 month old Britta filter at home is better). When Mio came out I really liked it and it got me to drink a lot more water. Then I read an article a while back that Mio had a bunch of bad chemicals in it, so I stopped using it. Then when Dasani Drops came out I looked to see if the chemical were in there, and didn’t see them. Of course I didn’t know what a few of the ingredients were but it didn’t have the antifreeze stuff that Mio has.

    So if both are so bad, what are my options? I read through the suggestions in the other comments, and though they are good ideas, they aren’t for me.

    To me, of the two the Dasani is doing better. Everything has color in it anymore, but my family avoids it as much as we can.

    As for the rest, what concentration is considered dangerous?

    Do these chemicals stay in the body, or does the body flush them out?

    I did a quite calculation: If less than 2% of 1/3 tsp (1.7ml) is the other 12 ingredients in an 8 oz glass of water, and there is an equal amount of those 12 ingredients (which is not likely) then each ingredient would be about 14 ppm (0.000014). For reference the EPA limits the cooper content in water to be 10 ppm, lead to 0.015 ppm and arsenic to 0.010 ppm.

    I might be way off on this, as I don’t really know what the “less than 2%” means but would assume it means 98% water and 2% everything else.
    So that’s my 2 cents and I still can’t decide which is worse, me drinking less water (because I know it will happen) or using the added flavor.

    • Bdubs

      What you do is just drink water and get over it. Some people add lemon to there water as well.

    • Charmed4blue

      There are waters called HINT They are really really good! Amazon sales them as does my grocery store!

  • http://www.facebook.com/kararobson Kara Robson

    Make your own flavored water. Fresh fruits and herbs in a 2L pitcher of water in the fridge over night, drink within 3 days and discard the fruit and start again. We use 1 lemon and 2c raspberries and it’s delicious. No sugar added or artificial things needed.

  • benamore

    Water is the healthiest drink in the world. Why do people “enhance” their perfectly healthy glass of H2O with flavor enhancer? They should use Truvia and natural colors and flavors instead. It would be healthier to make some tea and add Truvia instead. When they use this, they are turning their perfectly healthy water into a chemistry experiment. I have a student in my math class that likes Mio.

    • LaVie


      Technically, while chemicals and compounds can be manmade, they may also occur naturally. Not all chemicals are so bad for you. Water is a naturally occurring chemical compound that is very good for us. You say to use natural sweeteners but even natural sweeteners are formed via chemical processes that occur within the plant/natural vessel. I used to use stevia because of its “natural” label but I’ve found that it can do more harm than good, according I tell above article (which contains further sources). I think that regular sugar is perfectly fine. The key lies in moderation. :D

  • BuddieeLovee TheeFittLifeCoach

    It’s seriously not even as bad as you are making it seem. My body is a powerhouse, a fortress, my immune system kicks ass, haven’t even gotten flu symptoms while everyone around me is dying this flu season. A lil processed food/drink won’t kill you…. We all die anyway why not LOVE A LITTLE?? Here’s a recent photo (2days old) right after my cookie and ice cream post workout treat.


      I get what you’re saying dude, I’m 30 and haven’t had the flu since 13 and at best get maybe a short cold every year but do you know how they make splenda? They take a sugar molecule, detach the hydrogen bonds and add CHLORINE. Health nut or not, that’s pretty screwed up. I wouldn’t dip my head in a swimming pool and drink up so I avoid these things especially when there are drinks that taste just as good and aren’t made with a bunch of toxic junk. At least the cookie and ice cream you had were made with REAL sugar LOL


        so kind of like how table salt is half chlorine? does that stop you from eating it?

        • HCHARRY

          Table salt is sodium chloride. Chlorine and chloride are different in that chlorine is unstable, reactive and ionic which is why it was the perfect candidate to help create sucralose. And I actually don’t have any table salt at home since it’s toxic and bad for your circulatory system. I use either Celtic sea salt or Himalayan Pink salt which aren’t refined and contain trace minerals. I also avoid processed foods in general which are chock full of table salt so yeah…I don’t get much table salt in my diet. Just because it’s prevalent doesn’t mean that you have to eat it.

          • sausageman109

            dear god… do you read what you just posted online? I use celtic sea salt and himalayan pink salt! i can’t touch salt or i’ll die of hypertension. Grow some balls. i ate a two week old oreo of the ground yesterday, best design i ever made. i bet you waste away hundreds of dollars on all organic food because you think you are so smart and know every thing, but in reality in you are just some 30 year old dude spending his time online correcting peoples comments. Thats what i am too but still at least i eat salt. i mean why you gotta be so salty. You’re just such a salt truck leaving your salty trail all over the place for us to taste your salty wrath.

          • Healthymisadventures

            Dude, you just lost all credibility. Your name is sausageman. I’m going with the pink salt guy.

          • Kingxer


          • Cheche Nwagbo

            best comment ive ever read in my entire life!!! hahahaha

          • fat’n'happy

            lmfao you two are priceless

          • Robert Cullen

            Yah uhm quite the ridiculous response. Guy was just making an intelligent comment. And because you had nothing intelligent to say you chose to try and tear him down. Real mature big guy :)

        • sandycracker

          Chlorine is not the same as CHLORIDE.

    • melinda fritz

      fake sugar is bad so
      fake sugar will kill you or effects of it will

  • BuddieeLovee TheeFittLifeCoach

    Done and done.

  • Phat baby

    As a morbidly obese woman who has devoted my life to processed food, takeout and gallons of mountain dew the least of my worries are zero calorie flavor enhancers that contain artificial sweeteners. These drops aren’t for everyone but obviously someone is drinking or it wouldn’t be on the market. Truth is there are poisonous chemicals in lots of healthy foods. You eat fish you get mercury, eat veggies from frys grocery you get pesticides, in commercially produced meat you get hormones and you ingest only god knows what from packaged foods. I say all this to say there aren’t very many non toxic choices out there for the average budget so let us poison ourselves the way we like bc unless it’s grown or raised on your own land where you choose the production method there will always be some unnatural impurity within it.

    • Bdubs

      First of l the mercury fish thing is a myth second of all you sound like you are completely ok with these products. Just because they are on the market doesn’t mean you should just roll over and die. It’s our responsibility to educate ourselves on food and make good decisions

      • Teresa

        The mercury thing isn’t *quite* a myth. It’s only in certain types of fish (like tuna, I believe), and toxic amounts come from contaminated processing or waters, most of the time.

      • Erock

        A very quick google search will prove you wrong on the fish thing. (eg. http://www.nrdc.org/health/effects/mercury/guide.asp)

        Don’t believe every “conspiracy” that you hear.

        • freakenbloopie

          You link to NRDC for *evidence*? Wow. I find it hilariously ironic that people like you scream of “conspiracy” and then you take your advice from shit like this. Hahahaha.

          It’s a known FACT that certain types of fish contain mercury. This is not contested.

  • Karen

    You said “We realize that for some people, the taste of plain water is simply not inspiring. But there are better solutions than this.” Please tell me the better solutions – I quit drinking diet sodas, I don’t like the taste of water (to the point that I notice I don’t drink enough if it is plain water). I was drinking Crystal Light – Pure, sweetened with Stevia and now they don’t seem to be making it anymore.

  • Changeup16

    I was hoping to get some suggestions…my husband has recently found out that he has high blood pressure (thankfully not at the medication required level…yet) and elevated potassium levels. He absolutely hates drinking water, always has and he was drinking Vitamin Water on a regular basis, but the Dr. that the added vitamins are actually making things worse. What is the safest and healthiest way to flavor his water just a little, so that he’ll willingly drink more of it? Thank you!

  • http://www.facebook.com/games2much Michael Alley

    Your worried about 1/1000 of an oz of these chemicals? This product has 32 servings in 56 ml, so thats 1.75 ml of product per serving. The product is at least 98% water per labeling, so that means that you get .035 ml (35 mg) of “potentially” harmful chemicals approved by the FDA. You probably wouldn’t think twice about eating a baked potato or two for dinner, but two baked potatoes contains 36 mg of a “known” neurotoxin solanine.

    The key here is moderation in everything.

  • http://twitter.com/SkeeterN Skeeter N

    Big deal it has splenda in it. So drinking high frutose corn syrup in sodas is a better choice. I am very healthy and avoid sugar in any form like the plague and have done so for over 40 years.

    • Karch Amadeos

      All forms of sugar? Even the natural forms? How are you alive? There is sugar in nearly everything.

  • Karch

    A bit artificial with some preservatives Meh.. Iv had worse. Look up the ingredients to..well anything in a bottle; or the bottle itself. Everything has its drawbacks. The body adapts and time goes on. If your worried about your children drinking this stuff, then put them in a bubble and feed them nothing but organic “healthy” foods. Eventually you would have to add some supplemental into their diet just for a “regular” system. See how that works out for them.

  • lastredwitch

    Asulfame is chemically very close to sulfanamide antibiotics. May cause life threatening reactions! look up Stevens Johnson Syndrome / TENS

  • Bdubs

    I agree with this article but the dog stuff isn’t fair. Their are a lot of things we can eat that dogs can’t. It doesn’t make it bad for humans. Etc grapes, nuts, chocolate,


    Try this: Squeeze a good size wedge of lemon and/or lime into your water. Add water 3/4 way to top then fill last quarter with coconut water and top with a couple pieces of torn mint leaf. Refreshing and extremely hydrating!

  • Ghost32

    Great article; you saved me the effort of digging up the Dasani Drops label for myself.
    My wife is deathly allergic to artificial sweeteners. We almost lost her to Sobe’s Cherry Pomegranate Life Water in November of 2011. It has Malitol in it, and by the time we figured out why she was getting sicker and sicker, she’d consumed gallons of the Life Water and was going down hard. Her M.D. had to hit her with 4 different prescriptions (1 to kill a yeast infection that had reached her bloodstream), and I was up most of the night, hauling and replacing our bucket toilets (we’re homesteading and did not yet at that time have flush toilets).
    Sucralose and acesulfame also impact her negatively, but we’ve managed to keep her from ingesting those additives in the quantities she did with Life Water.
    So, no flavor enhancer for Pam. Survival before taste.

  • Geneva

    I tried these drops and they caused extreme stiffness in legs. As soon as I quit the stiffness went away

  • Jason Rodriguez

    There are lot of ‘potentially’ in this article and not enough fact.

  • fancydog48

    you really do have to pick your battles… i have Interstitial cystitis along with 2 other auto immune disorders…so citrus fruits are out for me..and WATER consumption is a must..i have battled this since 15(64 now) and plain water gags me, even my well water..i remember distinctly sitting on the toilet in horrible pain and my mother bringing me a quart fruit jar of ice water.. i was forced to drink one every time i had to urinate…so for 2 years as a teenager this went on.. i have battled this disease all these years until i was finally scoped and diagnosed as something other than a UTI.. I have had to give up so many foods and fluids just to try to be comfortable and just water is very difficult…many artificial sweeteners exacerbate my disease, but so FAR these drops have not…we will see…anything to change the taste just to get fluids down… with GMO’s in nearly everything and pesticides .. dear god.. SOME people have a hard time just staying alive…unless you raise it your self organically we are all screwed….

  • Tina

    6 months ago I took my 12 year old son off all artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners and it has improved his ADHD symptoms by 75% without any medication. Why would anyone want to put that junk in their water?

  • Tim

    This stuff has Bad stuff that Mio doesn’t have and Mio has bad stuff that this doesn’t have. We get a lot of this stuff in other food and drinks and we don’t think twice about it then so why now?

  • guest

    anyone experience intensive scalp and/or skin itching

  • Cidney

    The Pink Lemonade is AMAZING ! I actually like the taste of water but we ended up getting a shipment at my job and I thought hey why not try it out and I loved it and still love it. But I was looking up if it was really healthy turns at ANYTHING you put in your water to enhance it is unhealthy aplus half the food in this world is unhealthy so a little flavored water wouldnt hurt a soul. Try the PINK LEMONADE TODAY ! ITS TO DIE FOR

    • qhorsenut

      Thanks for helping me feel not so guilty for liking this stuff! I thought I was the only one. I like the Strawberry Kiwi! I have never been a good water drinker. Was hooked on Diet Dr. Pepper. So just a small squirt for me and I’m drinking tons more water than I ever used to. I have to believe that the small amount I am using has to be better than the diet drinks. I have not had a diet drink in 7 weeks. I am not having any issues, rashes, break outs, stiff knees, toe nails falling off….etc!!!! LOL

    • LINDA

      I am drinking the pink lemonade and I type this info and I say GO PINK!!! it is great. I drink twice the fluid intake a day as I used to with this pink lemonade taste. PINK PINK PINK!!!!!

  • Joe

    I’ve recently been read a lot on what artificial coloringchemicals can do. I’ve been taking Dasani drops for two weeks (delicious I’ll admit) and I’ve been breaking out with a lot of small acne everywhere. The moment is stop, so did the acne. Coincidence…

  • Miss Criss

    Thank you. I think I’ll toss it and just drink the water. Make it a great day!

  • Max_Freedom

    It’s still better than Kool-Aid or Soda.

  • Matt DV

    Why do people get so bent out of shape about people like myself not wanting to put harmful chemicals in my body? Suddenly I’m the freak for demanding that I not be poisoned. The “just a little bit doesn’t hurt crowd” doesn’t seem to realize that our bodies work on a molecular level and that those small amounts are massive to your body. What dog do you have in this fight and why do you insist on defending the use of bizarre chemicals in your food? You have the right to eat whatever you like, but knowledge is power.

  • DIYSFoodie

    Its survival of the fittest in a whole new way! Unfortunately the marketing is clearly to kids and young adults who may not notice the toxic side effects immediately. Why not add a real lemon, cucumber or a splash of any fruit juice to your water….or to all of those defending synthetic food choices it seems to me you’re really just arguing for your own limitations. And yes, dead water needs something to entice you want to put it in your body. Even the water isn’t what it used to be.

  • Tochi

    there is no argument, sigh… anyone reading the comments, people who rip on foods are not geniuses, they identify as a critic, everything is bad, and they are the first ones to point it out. i for one am willing to take the good with the bad, drinking flavored water is 100x better than drinking 2 cases of dr pepper a week. thx

  • Jon

    I get heart palpation and anxiety from them.

  • B

    Brawndo–The Thirst Mutilator!

  • fat’n'happy

    Better to drink water with flavored CRAP than to drink sodas if you ask me. If it weren’t for the flavorings, I wouldn’t be drinking water at all.

  • http://www.canadahcg.ca/ Jose Abril

    If you have weight problems and you want to lose weight effectively and immediately try using HCG Canada drops.

  • Jackie

    Thanks, this is exactly what i was looking for on this product. I am pregnant and looking for a while to “jazz up” some of the water I am supposed to be drinking. Guess I will just keep drinking the water.

  • wolfman3

    Looks like I need to find an alternative drink for my dog and European kids.

  • nabz

    is this halal

  • PK123

    I seem to have trouble swallowing food after having Dasani drops. This problem went away after I stopped using it. Coincidence, maybe. Maybe its the cause though too. Anyways I won’t touch the stuff anymore.


    Obesity poses far greater health risks than these ingredients. You are making
    mountains out of molehills and causing unwarranted anxiety in order to
    gain clicks and sell ads, and that is unethical.

  • Brent Sellow

    Lemon seeds have a decent amount cyanide, in fact most citrus, or acidic fruit seeds. Green shakes that I drink everyday, can make the body alkaline(good). It can also make you over alkaline and acidic(bad). Causing kidney stones, kidney failure, GERD, ulcer, gas and bloating etc.

    All “natural” foods and herbs are riddled with side effects. People forget, nothing is really truly “synthetic”. Nothing is totally safe or “natural” either. People have died from water poisoning from over consumption. Just like medications, natural plants have mild poisons, and have downsides. Green leafy vegetables like kale or spinach, have natural systemic defense mechanisms (poisons)in them, that will wreak havoc on human bodies. If taken in large quantities.

    The pesticides are the LEAST of your worries. As Michael Alley stated. Everything in moderation. Just because it grows out of the ground, doesn’t make it totally healthy or harmless. Or safe enough to consume large quantities of it. Cocaine grows in its raw form, opiates, marijuana, mushroom, LSD,Iowaska and countless other narcotics.

    Every dangerous “synthetic” compound either occurs naturally, or the chemical structure is synthesized from a naturally occurring compound. It also depends on your body’s tolerance for such compounds. No one diet is “safe” or effective for all. It’s good that we converse with each other, and put up quasi/psuedo scientific content. At the end of the day, it’s your body, your reaction. Your choices.

    Do your research. Check all the facts. Everything you put in your body, EVERYTHING is s calculated risk. I feel that if one uses these drops…the fact that someone is drinking good quantities of water; completely outweighs the negative. If it comes between drinking water and not…I’d use the drops. Sucralose is a naturally occurring compound in fruit. It’s natural. Can it be synthesized? Yes. In this case, I’m sure it has been. You’d still be getting the same compound by cutting up “organic” fruit and infusing with the water(watch out for citrus seeds!). Just common sense. Eat and drink what you’ve seen benefit YOUR body. And consider what everyone else says on the internet (myself included) part of your research, not gospel.

  • Anon

    Obviously, you aren’t going to drink the whole flavor enhancer at one time. A few drops of it won’t hurt.