Merry Christmas!

christmas gifts

Merry Christmas!

Please, do tell – what cool kitchen gadgets and tools did Santa bring you this year?

What cool foodie apps are you downloading for your new shiny iPhone or Droid?

  • Emily Shoff Wasouf

    My husband got me a book on edible wild plants and magnetic measuring spoons, and my son a new oven mitt. I am blessed indeed!

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  • Helen

    I have: a hand blender, electronic scales, a microplane grater, a compost pail, a cheesemaking kit and Dorothy Hartley’s “Food in England.” I did well, this year!

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      you sure did!

  • Kimepierce

    I just use my favorite app… Fooducate : )

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      thanks :-)

  • Tanesha

    I got an Excalibur dehydrator and a counter convection oven!

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  • Time to Cook

    My 9 year old is really into baking cupcakes from scratch after reading a cute series called the Cupcake Diaries. While takjng a cooking class at Sur La Table last week (she had so much fun….I wish it wasn’t so expensive), she saw a cupcake plunger. She is so excited to use it to fill her cupcakes with “pudding”.

  • jamie

    I am the proud new owner of a food dehydrator!

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  • ldd

    5 12 quart enameled covered cast iron dutch oven. Can’t wait to make some soup. :-)

  • Leah Whitt

    I got lots of cool little items for the kitchen (garlic mincer, cupcake corer, EVOO dispenser), but I’m most excited about my Kitchenaid stand mixer!