Santa’s New Diet!

Santa Needs to Lose Weight

image: Cannock Boot Camp

Santa Claus is getting bigger and bigger with each passing year. Not the real Santa, but rather the legions of jolly men who dress as Santa to please kids across the country. ABC ran a story last week – Many Santas are Now Ho Ho Ho-bese – and interviewed costume designers who have seen the size of the red and white outfits balloon to XXXL in just 20 years!

So this evening, if you and the kids plan on preparing a snack for Santa, perhaps you could lay out some fresh fruit and tea instead of a high calorie sugar-salt-fat treat?

Merry Christmas!

  • Suzie LouWho

    It’s why we build XL houses, with XL chimneys in the US to accommodate our XXXL Santas :) Happy holidays to the entire Fooducate team!