Eating Healthy During the Holidays?

happy holidays

picture: Hannah Kaminsky / Slashfood

The last 2 weeks of the year are festive and fun. Many of us are on vacation and we indulge in the good life. For many people, this includes tasty food, whether homemade or fine dining outside the home.

A few questions we’d love to hear your thoughts about:

  1. Do you plan to make nutrition a consideration in your food decisions in the next two weeks, or are you taking a break until after New Year’s Day?
  2. If you are continuing to mind your health, what will you be doing differently than during the rest of the year.
  3. Do you plan to make any dramatic changes to your diet AFTER the new year?


  • Lauren K.

    I don’t think it’s a good idea to “take a break” from nutrition just because it’s Christmas! When I don’t eat healthfully, I feel gross and sluggish. That’s not how I want to feel around the holidays! It’s more important to spend the time relaxing with family and friends.

    Starting a healthy lifestyle just because it’s January 1st isn’t fair to yourself! Start today; start this second. Don’t wait for the turn of a year!

    • Eric

      Completely agree!

  • Heidi Hall

    we go to my inlaws for christmas and a year ago my mother in law started focusing on nutrition more. we still have traditional items, just lighter versions of them with more veggies integrated into stuff. as for the new year i personally am continuing my attempt at eating better because our wedding is may 18th. no crash dieting, just taking some advice from my mother in law who has lost over 100lbs so far.

  • tessler

    1. Nutrition will be a priority for me, as always.
    2. I may be trying to lighten up some traditional holiday desserts. I also need to make taking a long walk a priority every single day.
    3. No changes. I just need to stay mindful and keep on keepin’ on!

  • Kelli

    Baked goods are usually my downfall, but I try not to feel too bad about eating the foods my friends and family have prepared because they are made with real ingredients. Though high in fat, you still get some nutrition from things like butter and nuts vs. purchased sweets made with oils and artificial flavorings and gums/waxes.

    And at Christmas dinner I probably eat too many calories, but it’s fine for one day, and it’s usually fairly nutritionally dense, so I don’t worry about it. We usually have several warm vegetable options in addition to salads and a veggie tray.

    I don’t think I change my eating habits much during the holiday season, except for the big family dinners of course, so I don’t think I will be making any big changes after New Years.

  • fabfoodie

    1. Veggies need to continue to have a priority at this time of year. Some family members don’t care, but I function much better if I eat light and make sure to have the variety of plant foods.
    2. Exercise is being made a priority this time of year. No excuses.
    3. No dramatic changes.

  • GiGi Eats Celebrities

    Everything stays the same in my life, VERY HEALTHY AND CLEAN… Because EXTREMELY healthy foods are DELICIOUS!

  • Zia Bossenmeyer

    I always am health food minded, whether it’s a holiday or not… I do however love cookies and it’s pretty hard to say no to them. Everything else i don’t care that much about sweets wise.

    2013 I will be going vegan, again. The first time I didn’t plan it out right, or have support from any other vegans. I know have several vegan friends, more websites for assistance and a plan.