Sex, Babies, and Carrots. All in one Ad!


Marketers of junk food use a combination of pretty models, pop music and humor to sell us their crap. At Fooducate we always wish there would be money for non brand commodities to advertise themselves. Imagine if broccoli had a $100 million annual advertising budget.

The closest we can get is this campaign by a brand, Bolthouse Farms, for a relatively healthy snack. Take a look at the youtube video below. Wild party, beautiful young people, sexual innuendo, and all for … flavored baby carrots.

Bolthouse Farms “Baby Carrot Shakedown!“  come in 3 flavors:  Ranch, Salsa and Chili Lime. For those of you who can’t eat carrots straight, this can be an interesting solution.

The nutrition is similar to regular carrots: A 2 oz. bag has only 25 calories (compare to 200 calories for a similar bag of Doritos), 90% of your daily vitamin A requirements, and 2 grams of fiber.

Here are the Ranch flavor ingredients: Carrots, Natural Seasoning, Salt.

The Natural Flavoring leaves us wondering, as the product is also marked as “containing dairy”. We would prefer straight up info on the spices added. But this product is a definitely a step in the right direction.


  • Jeanne Fratello

    I tried some of these at the PMA Summit last month. They were tasty, although probably a little more than I needed on a carrot – and my kids like carrots plain anyway. But if this is what it takes to get more kids to eat carrots, I’m fine with it.

  • d_4_kc

    containing ‘dairy’? – not ‘diary’

  • carol

    Would need to see the nutrition facts and full ingredient label, but if it has dairy, that ingredient list is incorrect. You can’t hide dairy in “natural seasonings” — that is reserved for herbs, spices and flavor extracts (vanilla, etc.). Also, if there is salt in the seasoning mix, it will have much more sodium than plain carrots.

  • Bill

    While certainly this is preferable (by far) to the typical junk food, I can’t help but notice all the wasteful packaging. Still, let’s hope more marketeers start using their skills to manipulate folks into buying relatively healthy foods, rather than their usual poison.