Campbell’s New GO Soup: A Nutritious Solution for the New Generation?

Campbells Go Soup: Golden Lentil with Madras Curry

Campbell’s Soup is going through a rough time. It is losing customers as its iconic brand of canned soups is not attractive to the younger generation. The company recently launched a line of hip new soups, packaged in bags, not canned. With flavors such as “Creamy Red Pepper with Smoked Gouda” and “Chicken and Quinoa with Poblano Peppers”, the company is hoping to attract the next generation for faithful customers.

We never got the prepared soup thing, as it is so simple to prepare your own soup. Nonetheless, prepared soup is a huge business. Here’s a nutritional look at the “Golden Lentil with Madras Curry” Soup. We’ll start with the ingredient list:

Water, Yellow Lentils, Tomatoes In Tomato Juice, Coconut Milk (Coconut Cream, Water, Xanthan Gum), Mashed Potatoes (Potatoes, Nonfat Milk**, Soybean Oil, Salt, Natural Butter Flavor [Milk]), Spinach, Contains Less Than 2% of: Roasted Poblano Chilies, Potato Starch, Onions**, Unsalted Butter (Cream [Milk], Natural Flavorings), Salt, Sugar, Garlic Puree, Cilantro, Spices, Madras Curry Seasoning (Spices, Salt, Corn Flour, Garlic**, Soy Sauce [Wheat, Soybeans, Salt]**), Turmeric And Turmeric Extract, Spice Extractives And Oleoresin Paprika. **Dried.

Overall it looks good – all the ingredients are something you would expect to find at home. the exception is xanthan gum, which is used as an emulsifier to keep oil and water mixed well together).

A bag of soup contains 2 servings of one cup each. Each serving is 160 calories. Somehow we have a feeling many people may consume the entire pack’s worth.

From a nutrient perspective, the biggest worry in soups is too much salt. And indeed, this soup has 770mg of sodium per serving, which is one third of the maximum recommended daily consumption for healthy adults.

On other nutrients, this soups is a success. It even has 4 grams of fiber. Score.

Bottom line: For a soup that is so generously flavored with spices, we’re disappointed at the high sodium level. Other than that, it seems like a decent choice.

Who’d like to share a homemade lentil soup recipe?

  • Jensen_G

    It’s been fascinating to watch Campbells as they carom from one new soup project to another. In our grocery store, first there were the mediocre “slow kettle” soups, followed the by tastier but very expensive “gourmet bisques,” and now this. It’s a shame they can’t get the sodium down, as the flavor has actually been getting better.

  • Bill Back

    Soup is fairly easy, but I am usually really rushed at lunch, so waving something can be handy. Since I don’t have high blood pressure or salt sensitivity and I like soup this looks good.

  • Star M

    Crock pot easy… freeze and then microwave leftovers great for work lunches

  • Organic Mrs.

    I don’t understand why they don’t have an organic version of these “GO” soups. I’m concerned they should be labelled “GmO” soups. Steve Demuri form that company is even on the National Organic Standards Board for Pete’s sake.

  • amanda

    Thanks for posting this. As a member of the “younger generation” I love soup but I also love my health and unlike my parents’ generation, I’m not going to buy anything with more than a third of my daily sodium allowance in one meal. I will continue making soup at home with little to no added salt.

  • shuttlecocker

    I’ve been consuming Campbell’s soups over the decades. Most of these were canned soups, some that could be stretched as well as used in various dishes. Of course the broths, both beef and chicken came in handy to make au juis and used to dip/soak sandwiches in.
    More recently however I’ve been regularly using their Go Soup line and like all the flavors with one in particular. That’s the Golden Lentil with Madras Curry. As a connoisseur of Indian foods I can say it’s as authentic as it gets especially precooked and in a package.
    It’s good enough to pour over rice and eat with your favorite Indian pickles.
    Our local Walmart Supercenter has cut them down to two rows of shelf space. The two only carry two flavors and the GL/Madras Curry is not there.
    Trying to find out which retailer/big box store carries the full line. Thx!