New Study – Artificial Sweeteners More Fattening than Sugar!

fat rat

image: Scientopia

Fat Rats! A recent study conducted in Brazil showed that rodents fed yogurt with aspartame or saccharin gained more weight than their brothers that ate the same amount of yogurt, but sweetened with sugar. The study was published in Appetite magazine

The sample set was small, only 29 rats, but the implications are huge. It has already been speculated that zero calorie sweeteners do not contribute to weight loss. Now comes the proof.

Why did the rats on artificial sweeteners gain more weight?

The researchers speculate that a decrease in energy expenditure or increase in fluid retention might be involved.

Our take: Another reason to stay away from diet soft drinks.

  • Liv Marie

    Do I need to stop eating gum that is sweetened with aspartame?

  • Hayley

    What about raw stevia? Do you think that has the same effect as aspartame and saccharin?

    • Christina Gonzalez

      Not the same effect. Stevia is a stimulant though, so if you start feeling anxious – lower your intake a bit ;)

  • Thomas Arlig

    I’m really not sure about this. I’ve been on a couple of “cuts” and zero calorie (sucralose/aspartame) drinks has never been an issue, even with a high consumption. Let’s not get too excited, this is one study, on rats.

    An overweight individual that is consuming sugar loaded beverages will benefit (from a weight-loss perspective) from a switch to zero calorie sweeteners. Water would be optimal but isn’t required.

  • Dody

    OMG, people this is a study on rats. Rats are not people, people are not rats. Stick to science-based nutrition and all will be well.

  • Adam

    Notice that the abstract also says they received the yogurt “in addition to chow and water ad libitum”. So basically, they could eat as much other food as they wanted. This could very well be an issue where the artificial sweetener didn’t fill them up but instead made them crave food. People have willpower to avoid eating more if they want, but animals don’t.

    • Mayan Orgel

      If people really had the willpower you claim they do:
      1. Why would obesity be such an epidemic?
      2. Why would people not stop consuming these toxins instead of defending it at all costs?

      • Dody

        Obestiy is a complex set of problems. The least of them is a lack of willpower. I’m betting your high horse is pretty thin.

  • Thomas Townsend

    Let’s get real here: Brazil REALLY and on RAT’s? Not Buying it. I am really getting annoyed at the lack of QUALITY content you are posting here lately. I use mostly artificial sweeteners – have for years and maintain an avg BF % of 13 unless I am cutting up for a photo-op or contest when I take it down to around 6.5 to 7%. Oh and I
    am over 50. There goes your theory on diet soda’s too. You should know better. If you eat more calories than you expend on a daily basis, you will mostly likely add adipose tissue i.e. FAT.

    • Fooducate

      Thomas – happy for you that your are so fit.
      That does not change the fact that artificial sweeteners are potentially dangerous.

      • Thomas Townsend

        “POTENTIALLY” Got-It – Chicken Little

  • Mayan Orgel

    Why do people throw such a tantrum when you try to take their precious poison away? Can anyone say addiction?!

  • DK

    I’ve personally seen a change in my “sweet tooth” since i stopped going for the foods substituted with artificial sweeteners.. I eat so much less now and if I just have a couple of teaspoons of normal yogurt the “sweet” craving is gone.. Whereas if I have yogurt with artificial sweeteners I eat the whole tub and then some…

  • Kbbb

    I got your back fooducate! You deliver us the studies and it’s up to us to decide if we want to listen to them or not. Btw I think the fact that the study was conducted in Brazil is very promising since it’s known for its sugar and sugar by-products production and research. We’re not the only country to do valid, respected health research. Besides, maybe people conducting studies in Brazil haven’t been paid off or “funded” by food conglomerates.

  • Inna t

    Soda is crack!!! Geez people give it up, it’s bad for you anyways!!! Switch to mineral water or just water!!!ps I was in brazil 2 m ago , even vegetables taste much better,healthier, so that makes me wonder…!!!!