Not a Joke: Pepsi Launches Fat Blocking Soft Drink in Japan

pepsi special with dextrin

Pepsi is launching a fiber enriched soda in Japan. The active ingredient is dextrin, a soluble fiber that absorbs liquids while traveling through the intestines and helps promote bowel movements. In 2006, a Japanese study showed that rats that consumed dextrin absorbed less fat in their body compared to rats that did not consume dextrin.

What you need to know:

This product is not about health. As usual, we are talking about a marketing schtick. A local soda manufacturer in Japan has been marketing a similar product since earlier this year, so this is PepsiCo’s response.

Whether the dextrin is effective or not, that’s not the point. People should not seek nutrients from a cola. Gulping down 10 teaspoons of sugar will offset any health benefits. If you enjoy an occasional soda pop, drink it for what it is – a treat, not a nutrition supplement.

Get your fiber from whole grains, vegetables, and fruit.