Diabetes by Numbers [Shocking Infographic]

Diabetes in the USA - Infographic - part 1Today is World Diabetes Day. Diabetes is a complicated disease that has life threatening potential if not properly managed. Over 25 million Americans are living with diabetes, and each year over a million more are joining the ranks.

The saddest part is that 90% of diabetes cases are “type 2″, which for the most part are preventable. America is eating so poorly that our obesity problem is becoming a diabesity epidemic. 79 million Americans are pre-diabetic, which means that in a few years they may find themselves reliant on expensive medication and insulin, and at higher risks for heart disease, kidney failure, blindness, and amputations.

The good news is that with proper diet and even modest weight loss, most people can keep diabetes away. And Fooducate is here to help you, with a newly released app in collaboration with Sanofi Diabetes. Diabetes Nutrition by Fooducate is a free app for the iPhone that is based on our award winning solution for choosing healthy groceries.

Fooducate empowers people with prediabetes or diabetes to take control by providing diabetes specific nutrition ratings and advice on over 200,000 foods and beverages commonly found in supermarkets. Following a brief setup and personalization, users can scan any product’s barcode to see how healthy it is for them. The app assigns the product a nutrition grade (A, B, C…) based on scientific algorithms. Parameters such as weight, age, gender, and activity level, all get factored into the nutrition analysis of a product.

Fooducate highlights products’ calories, total carbs, net carbs and serving size. For each food product scanned, the app provides a personalized nutrition label with daily values matching the user’s profile. Additionally, Fooducate details the nutritional pros and cons of each product, uncovering excessive sodium, hidden trans fats, and dubious additives. Last but not least, the app recommends healthier alternatives.

Do you or someone you love have diabetes? How are you using technology to better manage the disease?

Diabetes in the USA - Infographic

  • Leighann of D-Mom Blog

    “The saddest part”?

    No, I have to disagree with you on what you consider the saddest part. The saddest part is that children, like my own daughter, are stricken with type 1 diabetes which has no known cause and no cure.

    There is nothing she can do to reverse it. There is nothing she can do to stop needing insulin.

    Leighann Calentine
    Author of Kids First, Diabetes Second
    Blogging at D-Mom Blog

    • http://www.fooducate.com/ Fooducate

      Hi Leighann, thanks for your feedback and important distinction between type 1 and type 2.

    • http://www.facebook.com/vered.leb Vered Leb

      there are many things that can be done!
      look for
      Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution

    • Andrea Loubier

      Yep! I live with type 1. Diagnosed at 8 years old. I use insulin pump therapy now (as of 3 years ago), but going back to regular shots because pump supplies are crazy expensive. Also, the pump isn’t water proof which is crazy for a $10k device. However, it is literally like rocket science creating these devices and we’ve come a long way. Love industrial designers that are improving the overall size, look, feel of insulin pumps.

  • Ziggy950

    Why can’t I find this in the App Store?