Please Elect to Eat Better

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Every few years we get to choose the people who will lead our nation and communities for the years to come. Unfortunately, the problems of our food system are not on the radar of most politicians during the elections; even less so afterwards. There are always more pressing matters such as the economy, our troops in Afghanistan, the war on terror, women’s rights, etc…

And thus, over the years, we have pretty much let the food industry shape this country’s health policy.  As a result, we are the fattest, sickest country in the world, and will continue to “lead” with food related disease such as diabetes in the decades ahead. It’s hard to imagine that any breakthrough public nutrition policies or food regulations will emerge from Washington DC after the election, no matter who wins.

And so sadly, it’s mostly up to the individual and the family unit to carefully navigate the booby trapped food landscape of America:

  • To look out for fake health claims on thousands of grocery items.
  • To be stronger than the temptation to grab junk food for lunch because it is convenient.
  • To proactively seek the healthy option instead of the default unhealthy one.

That’s why if you are in California you should vote YES on proposition 37 for the labeling of GMO foods. Plenty has been written about this proposed law and we won’t repeat it in this post. Prop 37 is a singular opportunity for us improve the food and agriculture industries. It will start a snowball rolling…

Do it, for the sake of our kids and future generations. And if you don’t live in California – call your family and friends there and urge them to vote yes on prop 37.

  • James cooper

    Horse feathers. There is No peer reviewed science to indicate any danger from GM foods!

    • Fooducate

      There is no peer reviewed science that shows the long term safety of GMOs.

  • Grace

    Log onto Dr. Mercola and Mike Adams, they have the most information and articles on GMO foods.