Coke’s Work-it-Out-Calculator to Help Combat Obesity?

Coke Work it Out

Coca Cola UK has introduced an online tool to help people calculate how much exercise they need to offset the calories in their beverages. You’ll need a 30 minute walk to burn off the 139 calories in a can of Coke. If you’re going to jog, you’ll only need to find 17 minutes in your busy day. Seems like an easy deal, right?

It gets better. If you drink Diet Coke, you need not exercise at all!

Well gee Coke, thanks for being the physical fitness educator we’ve never had. Now you can definitely sell us more sugar water, because you’ve helped us unlock the secrets of staying slim! Now we can look just like the jocks and supermodels in your marketing materials.

[h/t to DBS]

  • Khaled Ghorab

    What kind of BS is this? lol

  • Candace

    It’s more about how acidic coca cola is. They won a lawsuit against them in which a man claimed a dead rat was in his canned coke. Their defense: the acidity would have demolished the rat. They won! We’re such a generation obsessed with calories…instead of quantity we really need to be looking at quality!

    • SuperMom101

      Excellent point. My niece lost 70 pounds by focusing on the “quality” of her food and not just the calories. I don’t drink soda and when out with my niece purchased a Dasani water (coke product). The water is “enhanced” and it’s on her don’t drink list. Rarely purchase bottled water but now when I do,.. I read the label. Is it possible these “enhancements” are just chemical by-products of manufacturing coke and diet coke?

  • James cooper

    So what exactly is your point? It sound reasonable enough.

    • Fooducate

      What sounds reasonable – that a company that incessantly peddles sugar water is co-opting physical fitness and health, when the sad reality is that soft drinks are the #1 caloric contributor to the obesity epidemic?

  • Lacy

    I just took a peek at the website, but it’s not very specific. I was expecting something to be there to enter your weight (and maybe height but not as important), because that certainly effects the calories burned.

  • nourishing senses

    Everything about Coca Cola rubs me the wrong way… and I hate the fact that they sponsor the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics!

  • Im

    Whenever i have diet coke, i get dizzy. I guess its the high level of aspartame

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