The Halloween Diet – Watch a Horror Movie, Burn 150 Calories!

The Shining

Photo: Moviestore Collection/Rex

Just in time for Halloween. A study conducted by British researchers from the University of Westminster has shown that watching horror movies can help lose weight. The increase in heart rate and adrenaline rush increase the body’s basal metabolic rate and reduce appetite.

Here’s a list of movies and calories they burned:

1. The Shining: 184 calories

2. Jaws: 161 calories

3. The Exorcist: 158 calories

4. Alien: 152 calories

5. Saw: 133 calories

6. A Nightmare on Elm Street: 118 calories

7. Paranormal Activity: 111 calories

8. The Blair Witch Project: 105 calories

9. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: 107 calories

10. [Rec]: 101 calories

Please take this information with a grain of salt, as the study was financed by Lovefilm, a UK equivalent of Netflix. Only 10 volunteers were examined.

Do you find yourself munching less when watching a thriller vs. a drama flick?

  • Smile

    Do I get caloric points for sitting through any of the Twilight saga movies?

    ..and just wanted to say ‘oh darn I ate that whole bag of candy. Good thing I burned 100 calories watching this movie!’ In all seriousness, though, that is interesting to know!

  • Horror Movies Fantatic

    I wonder why I’m so into horror movies now i know why!

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