Coming Soon? Healthier Peanut Butter, Utilizing Peanut Skins

Peanut Skins


If you’ve ever had nut in shell peanuts, you may recall the thin skin surrounding the peanut that most people don’t eat. While its perfectly safe, and even nutritious, the mouth feel and taste of the skin make it unpalatable for most people. That’s why peanut processors discard the skin as part of the peanut butter manufacturing process. They are used for animal feed.

That’s unfortunate, because peanut skins include beneficial antioxidants. A recent study published by the Journal of Food Science found that the addition of a small amount of peanut skin to peanut butter (1%) had no negative impacts on consumers’ taste perception. Could this usher a new age of reformulated peanut butters?

Do you eat peanuts with their skin?

  • Denise Denutritionist

    I’ve always eaten the skins because I always suspected they were nutritious. Glad to finally find out my suspicion was right!
    ?: Is 1% enough to really make a significant difference in the antioxidant levels?

  • Brooke

    Hey, those poor stock animals have a hard enough life. Let them have some of our antioxidants.

  • Ben

    I’m so healthy I even eat the shells.

  • carlagolden

    Do peanut skins contain resveratrol?

  • Lauren Smith

    I eat the skin because it’s way too much work to pick it off from EACH individual nut, and I’ve never once found the skin unpleasant to eat.