Diet Cola, Aspartame, and Cancer

Diet CokeWill drinking one or two cans of diet cola per day increase your risk of cancer? That’s a question that many people would love to get a clear cut answer to. Unfortunately, it is virtually impossible to design and execute long term studies on human subjects without beholding them to an impossible regimen of diet and lifestyle in order to negate the effects of any other potential causes.

A recently published study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition tried to assess the risk of leukemia in people who consumed aspartame sweetened drinks. Aspartame is  found in most popular soft drinks, such as Diet Coke and Diet Sprite. The data collected for the study was based on the national Nurses’ health Study over 22 years. This long term project has been collecting information from nurses since 1976. Researchers slice and dice the data points to reach various conclusions regarding (mostly) women’s health issues.

The aspartame results came back very iffy. There was an increased chance of cancer for men who consume one diet drink a day, but nor for women. Could it be a statistical error? Maybe. The scientists suggest that more research be conducted.

We suggest: Why take the risk? Water does not cause cancer, that’s for sure. Get used to drinking water and save yourself from nasty surprises in the future.