Front of Pack Nutrition Labeling in the UK Set for 2013

FSA Proposed Front Of Pack LabelThe BBC reports that a uniform front of pack nutrition label is expected to appear on most food packages next year. The labels will not be mandatory, as that would require a pan European agreement, but the British government is confident that most players in the UK will adhere.

The labeling scheme has not been finalized, but will be similar to what is pictured above. Notice the traffic light symbols, where red is a clear indication of something that may be dangerous or unhealthy. Food companies in the US would never let this pass.

Here, the “Facts up Front” label is being pushed by the food industry. Notice it is not color coded, so as not to scare consumers away:

And where is the FDA? As of last year, the labeling regulatory body is mum. Although the FDA recruited the Institute of Medicine for advice, and got it, nothing has really moved. the IOM suggested that the front of pack info include only NEGATIVE information (calories, saturated fat, sodium…) and not info about beneficial nutrients that would act as a smokescreen.

What to do at the supermarket:

If you really want to know what’s in your food, the best suggestion we can make is to learn how to read the full nutrition label AND the ingredient list. Only these 2 combined can give you a full picture about a product. If you are watching your weight, the serving size is a crucial piece of information that you must take note of. If you are having trouble, shoot us a note, Fooducate is here to help.


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