Weight Loss Through REAL Food


We found this in our inbox the other day:

I have shared Fooducate with tons of my family & friends….and will continue to do so. My wife finally asked me to help her lose a few lbs, and instead of Weight Watchers, Atkins, or some other “diet,” I actually used Fooducate to help us alter what we ate already and make it 3 or 4 times more healthy. My wife is thrilled with me (because she’s lost a bit of weight already!!) And I’m thrilled with Fooducate for helping me and providing me with an actual reference to help her!

Thank you so very much for your AWESOME app! I will continue to use it for the health of my family and myself. I also cannot wait to see what Fooducate will do next. Thanks again!

A Forever Fooducate User,


Matt’s email hits upon one of the key points we’ve been talking about at Fooducate – eating “diet” foods is not necessarily healthy. And it may not always lead to weight loss either. Foods that have been engineered to reduce calories by adding fillers, using artificial sweeteners, and through other tech miracles are not helping America shed its pounds. And who knows what they are doing to our body.

We propose a move back to less processed foods. To more home cooking. To voluminous consumption of nutrient dense foods. Yes to more fruits and vegetables. Less miracle protein bars. When you eat real food, you feel full for a longer time. That means you won’t get hunger pangs that will lead to more fake food snacking during the day. Eating real food may not lead to a rapid weight loss as some other diet schemes, but it is a lifelong habit that is simpler and healthier to maintain than a deprivation diet. it’s important to keep these points in mind.

Thanks Matt and family for your feedback! And thanks to the countless other Fooducate community members that inspire us daily.

  • Liv Marie

    Amen! Get back in the kitchen and do our body a tremendouse favor! Thanks Fooducate for all the time , energy , and enlightening information you provide. Thank you , THANK YOU!!!!

  • Bombshell

    This is so true!!! We have to get back to basics when it comes to nourishment!

  • Sam

    I could not agree more! Since I made the switch to real food, I no longer read the nutrition information on the packages, just the ingredients. The rest takes care of itself. I also cook A LOT more and make more from scratch (tortillas, granola, etc.) but it is SOOOO worth the effort. Between real food and a regular exercise routine, I have been hovering BELOW my goal weight for over 6 months now and I EAT CONSTANTLY AND AM NEVER HUNGRY!! This rocks!!

  • MrBillWest

    I just want to point out how awesome those strawberries look.

    • http://www.fooducate.com/ Fooducate

      Thanks, they are from a supermarket visit in Europe earlier this summer!

  • Know Food Now

    There is no one size fits all diet. We should be eating nutrient dense foods and not the empty calories found in energy dense processed foods. Eating real food will not lead to rapid weight loss because calories still count and portion control is key. http://www.knowfoodnow.com/2011/07/diets-there-is-no-one-size-fits-all.html

  • Debbie

    I agree with the real food, but as a lifetime Weight Watchers member who has kept off over 100 pounds for 9 years, Weight Watchers is not a diet. It is about eating real food which is why I love this app.

    • Kevin

      I agree. The unwarranted swipe at Weight Watchers is a blemish on an otherwise good article. I would recommend the author of both the article and the letter take a look at what Weight Watcher is really about because they clearly have incorrect assumptions. I am a long time Fooducate user and I just started using weight watchers 10 days ago. I have found them to be very complementary to each other. Fooducate has been great with helping ot make better choices of what to eat and not to eat. However, no that I have started WW I eat far more fresh fruits and vegetables than I did before; even though I knew the benefits. The difference is that with WW I have a goal to work toward and a structured system that encourages me to eat healthy and watch portion sizes.

  • Laura

    Very true. My family made the switch back to real food a year ago because of a child with ADHD symptoms whom we did not want to medicate. I have lost around 30 pounds slowly. I have gone from a size 14 to an 8. My kids are more focused and their grades are better. We will forever be food snobs (what we call ourselves ) and continue eating organic . Thank you fooducate for reporting the real facts.

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  • thetakebacktour.com

    I agree. The problem is not lack of desire, but confusion in the grocery store. I have conducted several grocery shopping tours in the past 6 years. The young people especially like the Fooducate app.

  • newecohumanity

    I agree!! I was kind of obsessed with losing 5 kg, I hate diets so didn’t even tried them properly but they did take me to the point where I said “screw you diets!!…I’m just gonna eat properly”…then I got a flu that took 3kg out of sight so…that was good help. But since I started to change processed by proper foods, I have been losing weight little by little and I don’t feel like I’m dieting. It is such a nice feeling to do the research and learn too, I feel stimulated and motivated to keep making changes in my life. I hope one day I can help others to make changes in theirs.