Fooducate Now Provides GMO Info on Over 200,000 Products !

GMO Free Product on Fooducate Website

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UPDATE Dec 27, 2013: This is now offered as a premium feature.

UPDATE Nov 5, 2012: The GMO Feature is now available on our android app (version 2.0+) too!

We’re pleased to announce a new feature available today on our iPhone appGMO information on hundreds of thousands of products! (It’s free, if you were wondering)

Why wait for passage of California’s Proposition 37 when you can start choosing non-GMO foods right away?

From our press release:

How does the GMO feature work?

Registered users of the free Fooducate app must turn the GMO option in their profile – “Warn me about GMOs” – to On.

Henceforth, all product views will include GMO information when it is available:

  1. Products that are non-GMO will appear with an all clear Non-GMO Label
  2. Products whose ingredients include likely GMOs, for example corn and soy, will be labeled as GMO – High Probability.
  3. Products whose ingredients include potential GMOs, such as beets, will be labeled as GMO – Medium Probability.
  4. Users that prefer a product that is non GMO can tap the alternatives button to choose similar, but non-GMO products.

If you are not familiar with Proposition 37, it is one of the hottest topics in food news these days. On election day, California voters will decide whether foods manufactured with GMO ingredients (Genetically Modified Organisms) will require special labels or not. Despite massive funding by junk food and chemical company lobbies to oppose the proposed ballot, polls are showing that a majority of California residents intend to vote YES on Prop 37.

Fooducate supports Proposition 37 and believes that informed consumers can make better choices for themselves and their families. But even after a victory next month, it will take quite some time for products to actually be labeled in California, not to mention the rest of the country.

We’ve tried to be as comprehensive as possible in our GMO information, but there can always be errors or product updates that we are not aware of. Please let us know by emailing support at fooducate dot com.

Please try the GMO feature and let us know what you think…