Europe Rejoice? Cereal Manufacturers Pledge to Make Cereal Healthier

Chocolate Cheerios - UK Version

Cereal may be the all American breakfast, but over the years we have managed to export our “tradition” to the rest of the world. Cereal Partners Worldwide (CPW), a partnership between General Mills and Nestle, sells into 140 different countries today!

In a press released over the weekend, CPW promised to

reformulate 20 cereal brands popular with children and teenagers by 2015, boosting whole grains and calcium and aiming for average reductions of 24 percent in sugar and 12 percent in sodium. read more…

Translation: Sugary cereals with cartoon characters will become slightly less bad for kids, but nowhere near as healthy as “grown up” cereals that are low in sugar to start off with. The change will be implemented 3 years from now. By then, the pubic will have forgotten this promise. In the meantime kids can continue to enjoy high levels of sugar in the cereal because assured that the cereal is headed in the right direction.

An interesting tidbit – it was exactly 3 years ago when CPW made a similar promise [PDF] to reduce sugar content of cereals by 20%. If the company is true to their press releases of 2009 and 2012, that will be an amazing reduction of over 40% in 6 years!

We wonder if any of our European readers can send us information on the sugar content of General Mills or Nestle cereals today, so that we may come back to compare in a few years and see that promises are kept.

(h/t to JB for the scoop)

  • Orsolya @ Kuiristo

    Hi Hemi,

    I saw your post yesterday and at my lunch break went down to the supermarket to
    check the sugar content of Nestle cereals for kids (in Spain). I found 3 boxes
    with the following info:

    -Cheerios (with honey): 35.4g/100g

    -Estrellitas: 34.0g/100g

    -Chocapic (stuffed): 30.0g/100g

    I hope this gives a good base for the comparation ;)

    • Fooducate

      Thanks Orsolya!
      Looks like 30-35% of the cereal by weight is sugar.
      Same as in the US :-(
      Cereal Partners should get to work on the reduction – ASAP!!