Fooducate App version 2.60 Now Available

Fooducate App 2.60We recently released the latest version of the Fooducate iPhone app. The app includes several features that are a direct result of your feedback and suggestions. So thanks!

Here’s what’s new:

New home screen – allows you to quickly decide if you want to scan a product, browse our extensive database, or search for something by name or brand.

Fooducate app home page (v 2.60)Tapping on the top left button will reveal the app menu, as you can see below. This menu format is extensible and allows us to provide you with many more options than before. For example, you can browse to see a list of the top rated snack bars or yogurts. You can also tap on “My Likes” to see a list of all the products you have marked “like”.

v260 menuWe’ve updated the product details page to display your very own personalized nutrition facts table, based on a personal profile you enter when signing up.

v260 detailsRegistered users can update their profile at any time.

settingsSo, what do you think?

  • Jensen_G

    When I open Fooducate, 99% of the time it’s because I want to scan. Any chance of adding an option to go directly to the scanner when opening (like the previous version did)?

  • -Lj

    I think the personal nutrition information is very, very odd! It completely assumes that the person scanning the food will actually be the ONE eating it. That isn’t the way I use Fooducate, and I have read other comments here at Fooducate indicating the same. Furthermore, given Fooducate’s bias against people who are overweight, I cannot imagine Fooducate will be respectful about the information they gather with this new “feature.” I didn’t see a way of “opting out” of this feature the first time I encountered it … There are PLENTY of diet apps out there already!