Five Top Trends from the Recent Natural Foods Expo (Yummy Pics Included)

Natural Products Expo EastLast week we participated at the semi annual natural food expo in Baltimore. Formally named Natural Products Expo East, the show brings together the companies making natural and organic products and the buyers of the natural retail stores. Food is a big part of the expo, but there is also a large area of the expo floor dedicated to beauty products and supplements.

Here are a few trends we spotted.Kale chips seemed to be all the rage with various new and established companies touting different flavors.

Kale ChipsBrad's Raw Kale ChipsKale is CoolKale SnacksNew York Natural's Kale ChipsChia seeds, almost unknown in the US until a few years ago, are now finding their place as a standalone product and as ingredients in snacks and even drinks.

Chia Snack Bars

ChiaChia ChipsChia Seeds

Greek yogurt seems to be growing as a category, and now it is spilling over into snacks and frozen treats.

Sophie Greek Yogurt

The Gluten Free phenomenon is simply unexplainable, there truly can’t be so many people put there with gluten issues. But the market has sensed that this trend is only going to grow. We sampled some pretty awesome tasting GF bagels, pizzas, and pastas.

More and more manufacturers were boasting their Non-GMO status this year. California voters are expected to approve proposition 37 later this year, which would require labeling of products that are made with genetically engineered ingredients.

Non GMO verifiedLundberg Family Farms CEO Grant Lundberg supports prop 37

  • Lauren Smith

    Glad to see more and more businesses shying away from GMOs!

    • James Cooper

      But this is just marketing. There is simply no evidence that GMOs are harmful to people, animals or the environment.

      • Rebornfoodie

        I’m not waiting around James… You go ahead and have the GMOs… We all gotta die someday from something anyway, right?

      • Wholesome Hedonist

        Is that because the research hasn’t been done, as Robyn O’Brien suggests? I don’t know the answer to this one, I’m wading through the data myself…

        • James Synkgar

          as of right now only ONE study has been performed and results were negative.

      • Gene Griffith

        There is a growing body of evidence that GMOs are unhealthy, cause tumors, allergies and early death. This article is the most recent research available and shows the results of lifetime feeding instead of the 3 months feeding Monsanto and others have published which show less effects. Lifetime feeding show the danger, based on this research Russia banned GMO’s this week.

        • James Synkgar

          Isn’t it closed minded and biased data collection to think all GMO’s represent the same or equal danger?

  • Susan See

    Thank goodness there are people out there who are willing to put their time towards making our food healthy.

    • James Synkgar

      do you really tyhink they do so because they care or because it makes money?

  • Bill

    We’ve had lots of folks ask us how they can know if a product is GMO-free. Glad to se this is being offered.

  • Rochelle

    Good recap on the expo. Kale was definitely in. And I found myself wandering, how many g free cookies do we need?

  • GiGi Eats Celebrities

    I REALLY need to package my recipes and sell them! These places would love my food!

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