Fooducate’s Great Peanut Butter Scan – Survey Stats

Skippy Peanut Butter

We recently ran a peanut butter scanning contest for users of the Fooducate iPhone and Android app. We asked you to scan your favorite peanut butter for a chance to win a healthy peanut butter  from Krema (only one ingredient!). The aggregate info from tens of thousands of your scans turned out to be pretty interesting. Here’s what we learned.

Most Popular Brands (by percentage of scans)

  • Jif -  26%
  • Skippy – 17%
  • Peter Pan – 7%
  • Smucker’s – 6%
  • Trader Joe’s – 4%
  • Peanut Butter & Co – 3%
  • Planters – 3%
  • Great Value – 3%

Creamy vs. Crunchy
The vast majority of you prefer creamy PB. 68% favorited peanut butters that were specifically creamy, 35% preferred a crunch.

Single most scanned PB product
Jif Creamy Peanut Butter, Grade = C+

Jif Creamy Peanut Butter

The Healthiest Brands were not so popular:

  • Bell Plantation PB2 1%, Grade = A
  • Krema 1%, , Grade = A
  • Just Great Stuff 0.2%, , Grade = A

Say what?! The top graded products accounted for less than 3% of the scans?

Maybe these tips will help you next time:

What to look for in a healthy peanut butter

  • Choose peanut butter without added sugar and oils.
  • Watch out for fat-free, and other diet options full of unnecessary ingredients. (Scan them to learn more).
  • An ideal peanut butter contains just peanuts. Maybe a dash of salt.

For those reading the blog who don’t use the app, what is your favorite peanut butter?

  • Andrea

    I like the Smucker’s All Natural brand. It only has two ingredients, peanuts and salt. It’s really tasty and I prefer it over brands like 365 all natural.

    Krema is based out of Columbus, Ohio and is very popular there!

  • MrBillWest

    I must put in a plug for Costco’s Kirkland brand natural PB. Yummmmmmm. Nuts with salt…. period.

  • George Babbitt

    Meijer makes both a Natural Peanut Butter(creamy + crunchy) with just peanuts, and 100% Organic varieties with dash of salt. I would scan these items, but my wife and I both have Windows Phones. :P

    • Jenna Z

      LOVE Meijer’s natural PB, it is our super fav!

  • Ben

    My local store has fresh ground peanut butter – literally a machine that has roasted peanuts at the top, you turn it on, and peanut butter comes out the bottom. But there’s no barcode to scan with your app… Once you’ve had that stuff, I don’t think you would ever buy branded peanut butter again. (Even better is the one that uses honey roasted peanuts)

  • Robin

    Teddie. It’s a local Massachusetts company, and the only PB we will buy. Ingredients…peanuts, salt (or no salt if you go that route). Period, end of story. :)

    • Tracy

      I’ve never heard of it and I live in mass, where can I find it?

      • The Dev

        Oh I agree, big fan.

    • Amber

      We buy it too…I like the kind with flax seeds added.

  • Alisa

    I grind my own peanuts at the grocery store – comes out somewhere between creamy and crunchy. Nothing but peanuts.

    • Violet

      If I buy peanut butter, this is what I do. The store I shop at also has almonds in a grinder, so that’s what I get. Nothing to scan!

  • Debbie

    Kroger makes a good Crunchy Peanut Butter but since Peanut’s are really a legume I am trying to cut them out and replace them with Almond’s and Almond Butter.

    • George Babbitt

      Ah yes, but almonds are loaded with salicylates.

      • Adam Sidel

        What are people’s opinions about Better n’ Butter peanut butter?

        • George Babbitt

          Sent from my Windows Phone

  • Jenna Z

    I’m surprised PB2 gets a A grade. It has sugar added, so I stay away.

  • jeffthesavage

    I’m surprised so many people who use this app are scanning gross pb with additives and unnecessary ingredients.

  • pyratejenny

    maybe i’m giving people the benefit of the doubt too much, but personally i scan items i know are crappy (like jif) to find the good alternatives from fooducate, then i buy the good ones! i don’t scan them, because i already read about them in the alternatives list. it’s one of the most useful things about the app!! :) happy crappy scanning & substitutions everyone!

    • csg

      I do the same thing pyratejenny! Crappy scanning and substitutions! LOL!

      • Violet

        Me, too! I got into a weird discussion with someone at Fooducate about just this thing the other day. I don’t think very many useful conclusions can be found analyzing Fooducate scanning data. I figured I wasn’t the only one NOT eating the food I scan …

  • pat

    Crazy Richard’s. No need to refrigerate…..

  • Jon Kidwell

    I love PB2!! My favorite Peanut Butter that is more “conventional” is Jif Natural. I like it better than Skippy Natural. I love your tips on what to look for in a healthy Peanut Butter. The PeanutButter-holics thank you for sharing!

  • Lauren Smith

    I think this is one of the instances where the app falsely defines something as healthier when it shouldn’t. PB2 is fine, but real peanut butter is better.

  • Haylee

    PB2 has added sugar, just fyi. :)

  • Amanda

    The thing to remember is that if all you’ve ever had was the less healthy Jiff (etc), it’s not always an easy switch to the simply peanuts kind. They don’t TASTE the same. I tried the natural kind (don’t remember what brand) and it tasted horrible, because I’m used to peanut butter having sugar and stuff in it. I need a step-down process, because cold turkey just isn’t going to work. But then, I don’t eat much peanut butter, either, so I don’t stress over the sugar content too much.

  • tdselkie

    I love MaraNatha Raw Almond butter! Peanuts are very acidic so I don’t eat peanut butter often.

  • Kait

    Homemade! If I’m buying, PB&Co or Crazy Richard’s.

  • samiam

    I love peanut butter and I eat a local natural brand (Meijer) which only includes peanuts. Peanut Butter – Creamy. All natural. No sodium. No artificial preservatives. No
    GMOs. No bio engineered ingredients. Their organic brand does include the extras such as Dry-Roasted Organic Peanuts, Organic Palm Oil, Organic Pure Cane Sugar, Sea

  • Megatron

    PB2! Peanut butter powder that you just add water to. Tastes amazing, and there is hardly any fat. Only 45 calories per two tbsp!

  • Megatron

    PB2! Peanut butter powder that you just add water to. Tastes amazing, and there is hardly any fat. Only 45 calories per two tbsp!

  • Smooth&Crunchy

    I always buy peanut butter with just peanuts and salt – but have you seen the prices in the PB aisle lately?! We are fortunately to have a lot of natural and organic brands to choose from, but I just can’t make myself put an $8 jar of peanut butter in my cart!

  • The Candid RD

    My FAVORITE peanut butter is from Giant Eagle in the Mid-West, it’s Nature’s Basket ORganic, JUST nuts, but the same creamy texture as JIF. Plus, it only needs stirred once and it’s mixed for good!

  • Austin

    Smucker’s All Natural Crunchy and Creamy PB only has two ingredients.. no hydrogenated oils, sugar added, zip. I figure the main reason the healthiest brands are not popular is because they are probably very expensive at most stores.