This Protein bar only got a ‘D+’ on Fooducate?! CHUCK IT.

Fooducate Chipmunk

Even this chipmunk is baffled by the ingredient list on this package– protein bars are thought of as a healthy product category, but don’t be deceived by their marketing tactics. See for yourself: protein bars on Fooducate.

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  • nuitgoddess

    Which protein bar is it? If you have an article associated with protein bars, I cannot find it. Facebook is spastic at best so if it is there, it did not spasm into view.

    • aemish

      It’s a Kashi package if that helps…

  • KMP

    How are the search results sorted at that link? The first three pages are all “B”s. The first ten pages makes it look like you only give out B-, D, or C+.

    • Fooducate

      You can sort by popular / recent / top rated

      • aemish

        There is no sort option available on my page. Please advise.

        • Fooducate

          The sort option is available within a category, for example the “snack bars” category: – at the top there are options to sort by popular, recent, and top rated. Hope this helps :)

  • 360CompleteLiving

    is it also helpful as a meal replacement???