An Omnivore and a Vegetarian Walk into a Bar…

fighting about healthy food


Yesterday’s post about a vegetarian future for the world certainly stirred up many emotions in the Fooducate community. We love a good debate and a healthy discussion, and the partisan lines seemed to have been very well drawn. On the one hand vegetarians and vegans, who loved what we wrote, and on the other meat lovers who “complimented” us with some comments that had to be deleted. Thankfully there was a middle ground of constructive criticism and feedback as well.

We’d like to set a few facts straight here:

* Fooducate does not endorse or oppose a specific eating philosophy. We respect the views of vegans and Weston A. Price followers to the same extent. Paleo? Low carb? Pescatarian? Go for it. We respect people who are passionate about  food and nutrition.

* We may not agree with your views, and you may not agree with ours, but let’s not turn a civilized discussion into personal vendettas. Threatening and bullying us or other members of this community will not be tolerated, whether on this website, on Facebook or elsewhere. If you don’t agree with something – by all means voice your opinion. Respectfully and to the point.

* What is healthy food?  For most Americans, perhaps we should start with “What is a healthier food for me”? You can’t expect 300 million people to overnight start growing organic kale and grass fed cows in their back yard. Our tagline, Eat a bit better, means: Adding more vegetables to your diet, choosing a cereal with 1 tsp of sugar instead of 2, reducing sugary soda intake, eating more homemade food…

* Our approach to food: people should be spending more time in the kitchen and less time in front of the TV / Computer screen. Whether you are preparing a roast or a veggie scramble, the fact that you bought basic ingredients and turned them into a dish is to be commended in this day and age.

As for this post’s headline, we couldn’t find a good punchline, so please help us out?

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  • Rich Franklin

    had a decent post but the site dropped it as I logged in, time for a better site provider.

    • Fooducate

      We moved to Disqus after trying a few other systems and so far it is the better of the lot.

  • Ken Leebow

    Not a great punchline … Can’t we all get along.

    Because ironically, whether you are vegan or paleo, you share much in common … of course, you don’t believe it, but here’s the proof …

  • George Babbitt

    Too many chefs in the kitchen.

  • Liv Marie. 17

    Thank you fooducate for trying to help our poor philosophy of eating. People need to here this! We as Americans have a serious problem with the way we eat and interpret what’s healthy. This app and blog are to help us live happier , more healthful lives. So thank you for helping our world make better choices.

  • ohiogirlie74

    The Omni turns to the veggie and says, “I’m open minded, tell me how you season your meatless burgers, and I’ll give them a try;” to which the veggie answers, “doesn’t matter, the less tasty the better so that you can claim you’re making a great sacrifice for the future of the planet. meat is murder, and mimicking meat is just not funny!” In stride, the Omni finishes with, “bitter, check, suppose I can substitute fish sauce for that?”

    • happy omnivore

      Yup, omnivores NEVER say anything bitter or nasty about vegetarians and ALL vegetarians are closed minded. You hit the nail on the head. Really took this article to heart. Congrats. (By the way, I’m NOT a vegetarian…and I’m also an “ohiogirlie :) ).

  • Violet

    What are Fooducate’s plans regarding the future publishing of articles which are beyond the scope of the shopping app?

    • Fooducate

      Hi Violet – For the past four years we’ve been discussing topics of interest regarding food, nutrition, marketing, policy and everything in between. This has worked well for us and our community has grown very nicely. If you have additional areas that you would like us to look into, give us a shout.

      • Violet

        I just hope the quality of the posts on “topics of interest” quickly catches up to the quality of the “regular” posts.

        • Fooducate

          Thanks for your support Violet ;-)
          Please do keep the constructive feedback coming…

  • Lisa

    The omnivore complains because the vegetarian insists on going to bars that only serve vegetarian fare. The vegetarian explains that if they go to an regiular bar, and she has too much to drink, she may let her inhibitions down, order a burger, and lose her veg-ininity.

  • Jennifer

    An omnivore and an angry food scold walk into a bar…

    Somebody call security.

  • Crystal

    I really hate the new way you send out your new posts. Why see me an email that I then I have to click a link to finally read? Can you please go back to when you just emailed me your actual blog posts? Other than that, I can’t wait for your email daily!

    • ginger_katz


    • Amanda

      Also agreed. I have everything linked up in Google Reader, and I will not be around much longer if I have to click the individual posts to read the story. It was so much better when I could scroll through them in their entirety….

  • Christopher

    I agree with Crystal 100%. Please change or I will unsubscribe and uninstall my Fooducate app as well.

  • Bon McInlao

    I am 76 years old.I eat anything that I feel like and don’t care about calories,fat or non-fat .I mostly eat 75% of full stomach.I see my doctor once every 2-3 years just for complete blood test.As of now,I have no major medical condition and weight problem.I read many experts writing about food and weight lost and I laugh.