Fun Nutrition Worksheets for Kids

Nutrition Worksheet Collage

Download the worksheets for students here.


Download the answer key here.


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How do we get kids to think about healthy eating? How do we teach them critical thinking when it comes to choosing food? A few weeks ago, we asked for your ideas, just as the new school year is about to begin. We received many great suggestions.

We decided to start out with simple and fun worksheets geared for elementary and middle school children. In these pages,  students need to read ingredient lists and nutrition labels of some of their favorite foods, and then answer a few questions. There’s a fair mix of reading comprehension, math, and a bit of science. Based on their analysis of a product’s nutrients and ingredients, the kids are asked to “grade” it.

We’ve created worksheets for 5 favorite kids products. Each product has two types of work pages:

- specific questions about nutrition (math orientation)

- general appraisal (verbal orientation)

For teachers / parents we have also created an answer key.

Here is a sample worksheet (click to enlarge):


Here is another example (click to enlarge):


Here’s a “bonus” exercise that asks the kids to match product pictures with their ingredients lists:


Download the worksheets for students here.


Download the answer key here.


We’d love to get your feedback and more ideas…

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  • John

    Schools can help, but home is where the health is. It’s tough to expect kids to do the right thing when it comes to nutrition if their parents don’t. Eating right has to start with parents. And lessons need to be reinforced with every trip to the grocery store.

  • Ms. E

    Thanks! I’m a home ec teacher and struggle to make my nutrition labels class work look interesting. You did my work for me :)

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  • Chi-Chi

    I downloaded those to use with my students and got this message: “The document “” could not be opened. The file isn’t in the correct format.” I’m not sure what the issue is.

    • Fooducate

      Your computer operating system changed the filename extension from “.zip” to “.zip.exe”. Change the name back to “.zip”

      • Amante Guisante

        Thanks!!!! You were so helpful! I love these sheets! amazing job!

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  • Meg

    This is EXACTLY what I wanted! Thank you so much for all the hard work!

  • Amy

    These worksheets are GREAT! Just what I was looking for so I didn’t have to “reinvent the wheel”! I can’t wait to use them in class with my middle school students.

  • Happy Family

    Fantastic Worksheets! We incorporated them into our home education curriculum and my kids really enjoyed them and were enlightened to the content of food. This is mode of “self-discovery” is so important, because is “mom” tells them what to eat it is heard as nagging, but since they discovered it on their own they are adhering to healthier food choices.

  • jkm

    for those who are having difficulty opening the worksheets: Download the file, if you cannot open it change the file extension from .zip.exe to .zip (erase the exe) it should open

  • Anna-Marie

    I really want to use your worksheets for my kids but I can’t open the zip files are they no longer available? can you assist me please