Ten Hilarious Watermelon Pictures to Celebrate National Watermelon Day

Eating Watermelon Like a Boss

Photo: Funny Junk

Watermelons are a wonderful summertime treat. When you pick a winner, nothing beats the sweet juicy taste of cold, red, watermelon bites. With only 25 calories per serving of half a cup, you can go wild and have seconds or thirds and still come out ahead of almost any other type of dessert.

Today watermelons get their made up holiday (America,  land of marketing holidays….) and instead of just another boring fact sheet, we thought we’d share some funny watermelon pictures we’ve recently come across on the web. Enjoy!

Mouth carved watermelon


Watermelon Baby


Watermelon Needs Water


Watermelon Hedgehog


Watermelon Crazy Animal


Funny Watermelon Baby

The Funny Inbox

Watermelon Bed


crazy carved watermelon man


Watermelon Donkey


And to finish off the list, we had to sneak in this video:

We’d love to see your hilarious watermelon pics– share in the comments!

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