Just Gotta Have Another Big Mac And Coke Before Game Time… Said No Olympian Ever.

Olympics Team USA McDonalds Coca cola coke


The Olympics are starting tomorrow and being sponsored by McDonald’s and Coca Cola. Do you think it’s right?

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  • Catherine

    I love what you did with that and, no, I don’t think it’s right at all. Hopefully a lot of people will see the absolute absurdity of it and it might make them think? I am eternally optimistic…

  • DarkStar

    Well the alternative is even less money going to support our Olympic athletes.
    As for McDonalds and Coke, there are nothing wrong with their products as long as you moderate your consumption of them.
    A Big Mac or Coke wont make you fat or unhealthy anymore then a single serving of vegatables will make you loose weight or healthier.

    • http://www.fooducate.com/blog Fooducate

      The problem is that we don’t moderate. And part of the reason we don’t moderate is that we are bombarded by advertising for junk food everywhere we go from the day we are born.

      • DarkStar

        Well then the problem is with us and not McDonalds, Coke, Nestle, Anheuser Busch, or any other company on whose product we overindulge in.
        Individuals are ultimately responsible for their own actions and as such if they are going to eat to much junk food they will do so whether McDonalds and/or Coke sponsor the US Olympic team or not.
        Advertising does not force behavior, it simply notifies people of options, and keeps the product fresh in people mind. If someone is so weak willed that a ad makes them eat more then they want then again the fault isn’t with the advertiser but with that individual.
        Now in the name of full disclosure, I am significantly overweight but it wasn’t McDonald’s or Coke that made me this way, it was my actions. It’s also worth pointing out that I’ve started watching what, and how much, I eat and have lost about 33 lbs in about 8 weeks (I didn’t note the day I started I simply started) and I’ve done so not by failing to watching ads for junk food, but by limiting my intake of that junk food drastically, controling my portion size and choosing healthier options (largely with the help of this site and the Fooducate app.)

    • Ben

      You think the money from McDonald’s and Coke sponsorships goes to the athletes? What gave you that idea? Somehow the ancient Greeks had an Olympics without McDonald’s or Coke sponsorships, or exclusive NBC coverage, or special laws to protect Olympic “intellectual property” (expect the above image to receive a cease and desist).

  • Gerome

    Yeah, it’s fine to sell soda and burgers at the Games. And that’s because the Olympics are no longer anything special. They are a chance for Ralph Lauren to apply his garish logo to young athlete’s garments and sell some Chinese-make threads. The trade-off for the actual amateur athletes is funding for their pursuit. Meanwhile, egomaniac professional basketball players get to add another trinket to their trophy cases in the name of pure competition (phooey!)

    The best swimmer in the world sells sub sandwiches. The world’s greatest basketball player, the world’s fastest sprinter and until he had a run-in with his wife, the world’s greatest golfer all shill for water+electrolytes beverage that’s nearly worthless.

    Hell, it seems wrong because we still remember that the Olympic Games used to stand for something pure. Ah, for the good old days when the likes of Jesse Owens kicked Adolf’s Aryan Race all over Berlin. (For those of you unfamiliar with Mr. Owens — Google him — in my opinion, he would be the creator of the actual “greatest moment in sports”.

  • Violet

    I’m not sure why anyone eats fast food unless they’re away from home (or are rushing kids around) … McDonald’s has more to offer travelers/parents than what’s on the menu … but I’m guessing a lot of people attending the Olympics will be from out of town and I don’t begrudge them a clean, friendly & affordable place to replenish & refresh. Have you priced food in London lately? I don’t have TV so the advertising issue is invisible to me. I’m more concerned about the way various governmental subsidies here in the USA are impacting the nutrition of prepared & processed foods. I’m also concerned about the way governmental regulations negatively affect urban & small farmers. And I am very concerned about the way Lunch & Recess are managed in schools across the USA (IMO, Lunch & Recess are THE most important subjects in school, and nobody is teaching them in the USA). As far as problems go, I believe specific big food companies are on the list, but further down. The market share and influence of big food companies will shrink and shift as people learn to care even more about how they take care of themselves.

  • emb5678

    It is quite funny that the picture used includes some of Americas favorite NBA stars. This is humorous because many of these stars admit to maintaining abhorrent diets that do include non other than McDonald’s and a fizzy drink every now and again. Though, I definitely think they say this with heads hung low. It is important to remember that we are sending mixed messages when we have corporations whose products decimate the health of Americans as sponsors for the event with the most fit people in the world.