Nutrition Advice in Exactly 3 Words – #foodtriplets

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Election season is near, and short catchy slogans will surely be adorning TV screens, bumper stickers, and Twitter. We’re voting for healthy food, and to that end, are trying to come up with as many slogans as we can. Foodie author Michael Pollan gave us a 7 word handbook: “Eat Food. Mostly Plants. Not too Much.” Nutrition Professor Marion Nestle whittled that down to just 6 words: “Eat less. Eat better. Move more.”

Here are our “word triplets” that we hope to help make everyone out there become just a little bit more fooducated. Tweet these triplets to help your friends, family, and help America eat a bit better:

1. Eat less junk. [tweet]

2. Drink more water. [tweet]

3. Count ALL calories. [tweet]

4. Healthy eating rocks! [tweet]

5. Eat real food. [tweet]

6. Serving size matters. [tweet]

7. Use small plates. [tweet]

8. Gain food knowledge. [tweet]

9. Read ingredient lists. [tweet]

10. Eat your veggies. [tweet]

11. GMO: No No. [tweet]

12. Please snack responsibly. [tweet]


Do you have some more inspiring suggestions?

We would love to hear your word triplets: tweet them at us! (don’t forget the #foodtriplets hashtag)

Or comment below.

(h/t Dharmesh Shah for the inspiration.)

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  • Devon T

    Good food. Long life. See grandkids.

  • Donna

    Snack snobbishly.

    • The Count

      Learn to count.

  • Kim

    eat with purpose

  • Violet

    Grow your own.

  • Violet

    Don’t shop, forage.

  • Carrie J.

    Read the labels.

  • Peg Hartwig

    Eat grass fed

  • Peg Hartwig

    Be HFCS Free!

  • DarkStar_WNY

    Variety and moderation

  • Violet

    Don’t demonize food!

  • Violet

    Eating isn’t wrong.

  • jamesmartinmoran

    Beware portion distortion.

  • Jim Cooper

    Well 11 out of 12 is not bad. But there is no scientific evidence that GMOs are bad for health or the environment.

    • Fooducate

      Can we agree that there is no proof that they are good for the environment either?
      At the very least, can we agree that they are VERY GOOD for Monsanto?

  • iluvfooducation

    Not to sound like an uneducated fool but I’m new to all this knowledge…. What is “GMO” exactly??

    • Fooducate

      Genetically modified organism.

      • iluvfooducation

        Wow thanks! And, that sounds kinda scary lol