Taurine, Energy Drinks and Bull Sperm: 10 Things to Know

taurine in red bull

(Updated: Nov 2015, Published: July 2012) 

If you have read the ingredient list of your favorite energy drink, you may have noticed an ingredient by the name of taurine. Here are 10 things you need to know:

1. What it is it? Taurine is an amino acid. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Taurine is present extensively in animal tissue.

2. Where does it come from? Taurine is found in meat and fish. It is also found in human tissue, our large intestine, and human breast milk.

3. Taurine was first isolated from ox bile, and thus its name is derived from the Latin ‘taurus,’ meaning ‘ox’ or ‘bull’.

4. Nutrition. A significant amount of taurine can help our:

  • Skeletal Muscles
  • Blood Pressure
  • Cardiovascular Function
  • The Retina
  • The Central Nervous System

5. Toxicity. The European Food Safety Authority published a study in 2003 that found “no adverse effects for up to 1,000 mg of taurine per kilogram of body weight per day.” Like most things, too much of anything can be bad for your body, including taurine.

6. Taurine is added to the following products:

  • Energy Drinks
  • Infant Formula (specifically, for premature babies)
  • Contact Lens Solutions
  • Cosmetics

7. The urban myth that taurine is derived from bull sperm is false. Taurine is present in bull sperm, but that is not the source of taurine in your beverages.  Taurine, like many other additives in today’s foods,  is synthesized in a lab.

8. Taurine Sourcing. No animals are harmed to bring you taurine. These days, it is manufactured by chemical synthesis in food ingredient processing plants. In China alone there are 40 taurine manufacturers!

9. Is Red Bull good for me? No. Red Bulls contain an extremely high amount of sugar.  The taurine in an energy drink isn’t enough to have a positive effect on your health.

10. Have you figured out how Red Bull energy drink got its name yet?

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  • http://www.capturedbyangus.com/ Michael Angus

    How do you know all Taurine in energy drinks is synthesized and not from animals? I haven’t been able to find any information to back this online.

    • http://bebrainfit.com/ Deane Alban

      I’ve copied this from Red Bull’s website: “Ingredients such as taurine, caffeine and vitamins are synthetically produced to ensure high and consistent quality.” You can find that under their Q&A section.

      • Darren MacKay

        Yes, “Synthetic”

    • solarpoweredtoaster

      Well how do you know that taurine in energy drinks is from animals? Do you have any evidence backing that up? Geez, some people believe whatever they hear on the internet.

      • Ludwing Moreno

        How do you know it’s not dumb ass bitch

    • nameless

      Its rather simply and I would like to ask you a question because you know the answer to it. If in store A you pay $5 for milk and in store B you pay $4 for the same brand milk, than which one will you buy given that there is no other variable?

      • Darren MacKay

        For some Price is a factor, and others – who they want to support!

        • Matt

          Idiot he wrote same brand

          • Darren MacKay

            Sure you’re an Idiot Matt,
            If you don’t think there’s more than one store that sells the same thing!!!
            go back to school…

      • Chris

        I would consider the cost of travel between locations, as a factor. There for if store B has a distance equal to or above the saving cost it would be conducive to pay the price at store A. On the other hand if store B is with in walking distance from store A, Then store B would be the ideal answer. Unless you are in a hurry then you probably wouldn’t be concerned with cost.

    • Naeless

      Well because farming millions of bulls for speed to fill millions of cans of redbull daily, is damn near impossible. Also highly expensive, compared to synthesizing it in a lab.
      Is it really that fucking hard to think?


    Taurine is also found in some food products for humans and animals…just the other day, I found it listed as an ingredient in my dog’s food.

    • Chris

      Cat food, and treats also.

  • http://robfisher.net/blog Rob Fisher

    You missed out question 11: so is Red Bull bad for me? A: No. Enjoy it, don’t drink too much of it, and stop worrying so much. All that worrying about things is worse for your health than the occasional sugary drink.

    • shortylog

      Occasional ??? Some assholes drink drink this crap everyday !!!

    • nameless

      It is true that stress is and does leads to many health problems but why drink it instead of changing your lifestyle and the underlying issue which causes your body not to function at peak? Why not choose green tea or coffee or have a healthy meal?

      • Dan M.

        because you simply can’t pass an extensively hard university exam without an added supply of energy not found in green tea or healthy meals. some people need a boost. its not all that bad for you if its a rare occasional drink with no underlying health probems….

    • Darren MacKay

      It’s not the Sugar that’s bad for you in these Drinks, it’s the Excessive Caffeine…
      here’s a Google Search, with a list of links and what it can do:

    • Brenda Sahawneh

      Actually it was No,9. Is Red Bull good for me? No. Red Bulls contain an extremely high amount of sugar. The taurine in an energy drink isn’t enough to have a positive effect on your health.

      • http://robfisher.net/blog Rob Fisher

        But it’s not bad for you either. If you enjoy it, just drink it. Sugar isn’t bad for you. *Too much* Red Bull or sugar is bad for you. So is too much water. Articles like this are just filler, you’re not supposed to take them seriously.

  • Danny Hunter Jones

    the taurine in energy drinks is not synthesised that is a lie that people are told so sales don’t drop coz apparently everyone that drinks these is Vegan and would stop buying them, it’s not true the only uses for synthesised taurine is medication and also animal products, things like drops for cat’s eyes since they cannot produce it naturally hence why they more often than not go blind

    • Kylie Owings-Black

      You are an idiot. You are wrong on every point you argued here. Everyone that drinks RB is vegan? I will be sure to tell the people I know that they should stop eating meat. The only uses are medication related? Damn, I better tell my body to stop using it for neurological function. Cats “more often than not go blind”? WTF planet are you from? I have had more cats in my life than you apparently have brain cells and not one had gone blind. It must be glorious to go through life being such a simpleton.

      • May

        Love it!!!! You told him..lol I read outload to my husband we both cracked up laughing!!!

        • Kylie

          Lol glad to bring a little joy to ya!

      • Dan M.

        his cats are blind from all the drug smoke he blows in their faces

      • Chris

        Man you are harsh, to bad Danny won’t get it I think he smoked out his last brain cell a year ago.

    • solarpoweredtoaster

      You sir, are an idiot.

    • Tj Stith

      Hahaha that’s friken hilarious.

  • http://larce-dagrate.wix.com/larcedagrate#! LARCE DAGRATE

    i read that “taurine” come from an extract of “bull bile” thats animal feces fro the shallow minded

    • cloop

      Bile is not feces. It is added to the stomach by the gall bladder to process fat.

    • Suze Cee

      You are quite misinformed to think bile is feces.

    • Dan M.

      lolololol shallow minded… good luck with that.. google bile right quic, sir/ma’am and be educated. lmao! love the people on this site!

      • Chris

        All the articles I read says taurine was discovered in animal tissue, ox bile, etc….. it is also a major chemical found in the human brain skin, hair nails, and red blood cells or platelets.

  • jibran

    I dont know what to believe. Still i have stopped drinking..

  • donkey kong

    idk if its a drink if it has bull balls and sperm for get it that shit is nasty and why would anybody drink that shit if it got lots of sugar in it to me its not a engery drinks its just sugar water

  • Shalen Bisht

    FALSE: Red Bull Contains Bull Semen—Sad to see such unverified allegations being published by you , At this rate u will loose all credibility . No manufacturer at this scale & volumes will ever do this & and kill his own business .More over this will require semen of of millions of Bulls for millions of of cans supplied globally ,which can never be hidden !!!! Pl check Snopes .com http://www.snopes.com/food/ingredient/bullsemen.asp –FALSE: Red Bull Contains Bull Semen

    • Chris

      Uninformed sulfonic acid is on periodic table of elements, did you sleep thru chemistry.

  • https://twitter.com/yukiisnotonfire Yuki★

    i drink redbull alot’ anyways (っ⇀⑃↼)っ

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