Avocado Love: Infographic + Recipe

We are slightly (and by slightly we mean completely!) obsessed with avocados. This “fruit” is high in protein, has a bizarre etymology, and is extremely scrumptious. So here’s to that lovely fruit that makes everything better:

Avocado Infographic

Avocado Graphic


  • LN

    Avocados are also the first food feed to babies in Israel. Seems like a good first food to me!

    • jen

      Wow how interesting! It does seem to make a lot of sense, though. The nutrition density and it’s neutral flavor, soft texture…

  • Lisa

    My favourite fruit masquerading as a veggie! I eat avocado every day. Deeelish.

  • Emily

    I love love love avocados! Glad to see that they have lots of potassium, b/c I don’t like bananas, which are the other high-potassium fruit, I’m told.

  • Carol

    The avocado board is stretching things a little. Just because avocado has more protein than most fruit (not known for their protein content btw) doesn’t mean it is “high” in it. That would require at least 10 g per serving. A serving of avocado is 30 g, which (assuming a California avo) has less than 1 gram protein. Florida avos have slightly more, but still less than 1 g per serving. Even if you eat a whole avocado (along with lots of calories — from mostly fat and carbs, not protein), that’s still much less than 10 g protein. As for potassium, bananas have about the same as a Florida avocado, but less than a California avo *per equal weight portion* (but they are still not even “a good source”, aka 10% DV, per 30 g “serving”). The fat in avocados is high, but mostly monounsaturated, which is good. FYI, potassium is in all fruits and vegetables, and many are a good source (especially potatoes, sweet potatoes and leafy greens) … not just bananas and CA avocados.

  • abe o’cado

    Please do not put mustard in guacamole!

  • jabyssal

    Just to continue the adventures in etymology, I believe in latin testis means balls. You got to give it to those Romans.

  • Erin

    I love avocados, but wow, that’s a funky guacamole recipe. Chives? Mustard? Parsley? Don’t do it! This isn’t salad dressing we’re talking about.

    Less is more when it comes to guacamole. I use good quality avocados, fresh lime juice, salt, and a pinch of cumin. Maybe some tomato if I have a good one and I’m feeling adventurous.

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